Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Monday, May 21, 2018

Pompeo's Inner Neocon Comes Out

Politico's Article about Pompeo's Threats

Enter John Bolton, and his failed neocon proxy interventions on behalf of Israel, and Mike Pompeo, who now wants Iran to withdraw forces from Syria and give up on nuclear weapons forever.

To begin with, Syria INVITED Iran's fighters to come to Syria and fight against ISIS and al Nusra, both Sunni terrorist groups, both supported by the US, UK and Israel. This is Syria's decision and NOT Pompeo's, nor his nimrod boss Trump. So this demand is vacuous. If Syria wants Iran to leave, then that is Syria's decision and prerogative.

Secondly, the arrogance of the US, in the service of Israel and Netanyahu, is really surreal and extremely disappointing and pathetic, and not what you would expect from the "greatest democracy in the universe". Iran had passed all of the inspections examinations, as attested to by the IAEA under the supervision of the UN. How many of these Israel-firster neocons actually read these 10 reports?

But even when Iran complied, the US did NOT comply. Europe needs to band together and follow through with their blocking of US sanctions and not make the mistake of being bullied out of the deal. And Russia and China need to also support the EU in the mandate of Iran's nuclear program.

The US thinks it can use its crooked central bankers, which has bankrupted the US economy and loots the world's resources, to sanction the entire world. Well then, fine, let the US sanction the whole world, for that would mean by reciprocity that the world is sanctioning the US.

Somebody wake me up when the revolution starts ....

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