Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Syria Agenda

Telegraph Article

In April, the UN sent an investigator into Syria to assess claims that Assad used chemical weapons against civilians. What the investigators discovered was that the rebel forces, in fact, used chemical weapons against civilians, trying to entice western powers to intervene to overthrow Assad.  Two weeks ago, more claims occurred that Assad used chemical weapons against civilians. This is after Assad's army had surrounded rebel positions and was winning the ground war. When the report came out, I said it would be ludicrous for the winning party to use a desperate tool like chemical weapons.

Then Obama stepped in and said it was Assad, and that the US would strike Syria. Obama said that the US had intelligence that Syrian forces deployed chemical weapons. When pressed by the UK, France, Russia, and other allies, the US said that the intel was classified .....  That was the first red flag for me. Governments classify documents so that their citizens don't know what illegalities their government is performing against the citizenry. But despotic governments always share their info with other despotic governments when trying to pitch a war. But the US did not do this. The German newspapers started reporting that the US is using Israeli intel on an intercepted conversation between Syrian officials about the attack ...

And then AIPAC rolls out John McCain and Lyndsey Graham to push for a Syrian strike. It is amazing that these two bought-and-paid-for fools don't bother to mention that the Syrian rebels are heavily populated by al queda, and that we are about to assist, once again, in a civil war on the side of rebels in which al queda is operating. What did the rebels do in Libya after Quadaffi was killed. They turned on the US and struck our embassy. But we are sleepwalking into another war, one that threatens to engulf the entire region, because of Israel.

I guess that we all are supposed to forget that Israel gave the US doctored intel that led the US into war with Iraq. We know this for a fact. Most Americans are unaware of the Pentagon's Inspector General report on Doug Feith's office, which was the only "slam dunk" ever produced concerning intelligence.

And now, Israel wants the US to take out Syria, and we are supposed to believe their claims, and follow their agenda once again?

Israel thinks that this is a first step leading to a confrontation with Iran. Israel could care less if the US loses status in the international community. Israel's only calculus is whether or not this action is good for Israel.

Read very carefully Assad's interview and apply a modicum of common sense.

If Obama bows under Israeli pressure for this action, then the US has definitely achieved a new low.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Israeli Diplomacy

Guardian Article

The comments in this article are from an Israeli official whose job is to restore Israel's image in the social media outlets.

His words speak volumes on the true Israeli attitude about contentious issues.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Israel Condemns EU Move?

Times-Online Article

What a strange title for an article! The EU makes a move that says that its member nations agree that Israel cannot continue to defy international law and past UN resolutions, no matter that the US keeps giving its lawlessness unconditional support. But Israel condemns the EU! That is comical. Israel condemns the UN for its anti-Israel bias. Israel condemns Amnesty and Human Rights Watch and the International Red Cross for its anti-Israel bias. Israel condemns .... any institution that dares to criticize its policies. Why is everybody picking on poor little defenseless and innocent Israel?

The discussion should be whether or not the US will continue to be the lone backer (disregarding the support of international powerhouses like Tuvalu and Micronesia) of this rogue nation's racist, colonialist and terrorist policies. With our Congress and the Bushes and Obamas and Clintons of the world, Israel has the support of our government through AIPAC's meddling and blackmail tactics. The ignorant people in our country still support Israel, the Christian Zionists, the FOX news fanatics, the people still propagandized by the same neocon institutions that led us into Iraq on a pack of lies (media and the prominent neocon think-tanks), that have tried to repeat the tactics on Iran, the same ones who wanted to intervene in Libya and now Syria.

But Bibi selected Ron Dermer as his new ambassador, so don't expect any willingness to budge from the ever-isolated Israel.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Peter Beinart on Ron Dermer

Daily Beast Article

The selection, by Bibi, of an American Jewish neocon as Israel's Ambassador to the US will likely ruffle many feathers in Washington. The well-written article by Peter Beinart gives a nice background on Ron Dermer, and summarizes very nicely what we can expect from the Israelis in regards to"peace" talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis. The selection of Dermer speaks volumes to the true agenda of Bibi, and is not surprising at all, given Bibi's positions.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Syria's Rebels

BBC Article

I have been telling friends and colleagues for months about Syria : The US should not get involved, that we are making the same mistakes we made when we armed the Libyan rebels to overthrow Qaddafi (the same rebels later attacked the US Embassy in Benghazi), that we are making the same mistake as when the CIA trained and funded the mujahadeen, which proved to be the core for al queda. The Nusra Front openly proclaimed their loyalty to al queda months ago. And then the US media discussions began, to arm or not arm the rebels. And US politicians came out in droves, like John McCain et al, to support arming the Syrian rebels. If people think the US should intervene in Syria by providing arms and funds to the rebel groups, this is the type of people that will lead Syria. Assad's Syria might not be the best Syria, but it is secular and not a radicalized Islamic state. Who will rule after Assad's overthrow is anyone's guess but, to be sure, groups like Nusra Front will have significant influence.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Israel Mistreats Palestinian Children?

Jerusalem Post Article

Nothing new in this piece, but articles like this should place pressure on Israel to change its policies. Sadly, this never happens. If Israel's behavior did not change after Goldstone, where it was revealed that 900 civilians were killed by the Israels, including > 300 Palestinian children, then it will likely never change. I found it curious that Palestinians face up to 20 years in prison for rock-throwing, while IDF soldiers, even when found guilty of an illegal killing of a Palestinian, get like 6 months in Israeli jail.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Israel and Peace

Guardian Article

Last week, Danny Danon said publicly what many Israelis refuse to utter, that Israel does not want a two-state solution. In reality, Israel wants more Palestinian land and an occupied neighbor to serve as a second-class labor force to be easily subjugated. Israel wants to continue its bullying techniques against ALL its neighbors, from Egypt to Lebanon to Syria, and then cry victim at the end of the day. Israel does not want to be hauled in front of the ICC by the Palestinians with the Goldstone Report in their hands, so it maintains this illusion of peace talks. At the end of the day, the discerning thinkers know better, as Israel's record of action is a truer measure of its intentions than the lip-service Israel pays to the US in terms of talks. Israel knows that a Palestinian state cannot exist that is occupied by a foreign army. And Israel's plans for Eretz Israel is still in full force, which is why the Israelis continue to build new settlements.

And with the Clintons, Bushes, and Obamas bowing down to kiss Israel's feet out of fear of AIPAC and threatened future campaign donations for their respective parties, this will not change until an American president grows a backbone.

So let's write and read more articles on the same nonsense...

Dick Cheney on Snowden and NSA Exposure

So every now and then Dick Cheney slithers out of his hole and offers Americans his take on certain things. The recent appearance of Darth Cheney is to call this Snowden kid a traitor, for exposing what our NSA does to its own citizens with respect to warrantless wiretapping, snooping, and spying on Americans. What Snowden exposed was that it was everyday Americans being monitored, not some homegrown potential terrorist that was being watched. And even when we have credible intel on who to watch, like the Boston bombers, there is certainly no guarantee of prevention of a crime. Cheney should realize that the reality now is simply the end-line result of the Patriot Act which his boss signed into law.

But a traitor?

For someone who surrounded himself with Libby, Perle, Wolfowitz, Abrams, the Wurmsers, Doug Feith and the other neocon filth that sold the war in Iraq to the American public on a pack of lies, concerted lies and disinformation, I would be hesitant to use such terms. Thousands of dead and wounded US soldiers, hundreds of thousands dead Iraqi "insurgents", millions of Iraqis displaced for what? To preserve the petro-dollar? All on a pack of lies that Cheney and his neocon ilk told to the American people for 2 years until they bought it. How much money did Halliburton and KBR make on this illegal occupation in Iraq? How many no-bid contracts did his former firm get? How many billions in profit does it take for Dick Cheney to call the actions justified?

What defines treason, Dick Cheney, and are you the best person to levy that charge against someone else, who simply exposed another governmental side-step of the Constitution?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Israel's War Crime Problem

NYT Article

I give credit to the NYT for running this article. Most other media outlets protect Israel when these reports come out, which they frequently do, by refusing to cover it.

And in the context of all these silly Senators and their opposition to Chuck Hagel's nomination, let's make the obvious point. The pro-Israel wing of the US Senate (which is around 90% of the Senate) is trying its best to rake Hagel over the coals on his statements about Israel and Iran, and this is done in the service of a country that is routinely found guilty of war crimes (Cast Lead/Goldstone report) by humans rights groups and the UN. What is wrong with this picture? McCain is up there trying to spin the surge as a success, even though he backed the lies that took us into war, war which we all recognize as a catastrophic blunder. Only the Israel zealots still claim that Iraq was justified. Why do we still listen to these Zionist neocon clowns? Why are they treated with such veneration? They have been wrong and dishonest and downright unpatriotic with their machinations, and now these same blowhards are trying to block Hagel's nomination, because he does not want to pursue another illegal and avoidable war with Iran for Israel's sake?

How I wish it were just a bad dream I could wake up from. How I wish I was just exaggerating the issue. How I wish Americans would just see this reality.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Modicum of Sanity on Chuck Hagel

Daily Beast Article

Peter Beinart has written a gem in this linked Daily Beast article. The accusations started the moment his name was offered as Secretary of Defense. His accusers have cheapened the meaning of anti-semitism by hurling the accusation at anyone who dares put the interests of the US above the interests of Israel. And into the shadows the accusers now move. We should not forget who his accusers are. We are sure to see their fallacious arguments again. Next time, the US general population should reject them outright with no delay.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Lyndsey Graham on Chuck Hagel

Daily Caller Article

Lyndsey Graham claims that Chuck Hagel will be the most antagonistic Secretary of Defense towards Israel in our nation's history. This poisoning of the well is obviously a logical fallacy, as are most things this idiotic demagogue says.

Graham says that Hagel is not in the mainstream of American political thought. Graham supported the lies that took us into Iraq, supports the lies that are being fed to the American people on Iran, believes that Israel is the poor, innocent victim in a tough neighborhood, and let's see, has accepted much money from AIPAC over the years.

I am sick and tired of US politicians mentioning the US-Israel relationship before asking the most crucial question : Is the decision good for America?

Note that the first argument made by Graham in this hatchet job is an argument for Israel's interests. If a US Senator puts Israel's interests first, then they are no longer serving this country and our Constitution. Sadly, this reality is so commonplace in Washington none dare call it what it truly is.

I hope Chuck Hagel wins the nomination, and Obama should nominate David Duke for Secretary of State to send a message to the most powerful lobby in Washington.

America should come first in these discussions. Period. End of story. People who put Israel first need to have a giant T branded on their forehead.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Will American Jewry Abandon Israel?

Haaretz Article

Bradley Burston has written an excellent article in Haaretz on this topic. It is a shame that there is ample debate on such topics in Israel, and yet in the US, discussions like this are taboo.

Israel has been a one-nation wrecking ball, and when its only friend tried to get it under control, Israel acted very disloyally and insanely defiantly in regards to the settlement expansions.