Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Palestinians Win Observer Status at UN

NYT Article

Despite furious diplomatic maneuvers by the US and Israel, which mostly involved threats by the US of sanctions, stripped funding, etc, the Palestinians have upgraded their "nation" status to Observer. Ironic it is that the Palestinians had lands before, all neighbors before referred to the lands as Palestine, and after 1947 and 1948, through the partition and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Zionist goons, we are just now seeing a quasi-nation being formed at the UN? What is wrong with the UN body? Why did it take this long to right a wrong? Why has the UN refused to consider expelling Israel for its many misdeeds? The answer to these questions is the US. For 40 years the US has protected the Israel in the SC when the US was the lone veto more than 40 times. Many of these measures would have carried disastrous consequences for the Israelis. When I hear Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice talk about the current UNGA vote and say things like "the peace process cannot be jeopardized" or "the Palestinians should not take unilateral actions", I have to laugh. The US is NOT an honest broker on this issue. The US once vetoed the UNSC resolution which said "We recognize the inalienable human rights of the Palestinian people". The US was the lone veto. It takes tremendous chutzpah to vote that way, then try and frame the discussion on the Israel-Palestine conflict as if the US is a disinterested observer which desires a comprehensive peace!

The real unilateral moves have been taken by the Israelis. Expansionist policies, building of Apartheid walls, continued occupation, all of which goes against promises made to the US,  all of which violate international law. The Israelis have turned Gaza into a prison, cut off essential supplies, killed Palestinians with impunity in 2008-2009 and recently, and according to Justice Goldstone and the other members of that committee, committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. Why is Israel worried? Because the Palestinians ought to seek a redress of their grievances in the Hague. The US cannot be trusted to mediate, so let the International Court of Justice do it. AIPAC is in firm control of our Congress and other US institutions, but I doubt it can influence the justices in Holland. All I can say is this is long overdue, and I hope the Israelis get what they deserve. Reading the reader comments at the end of this article gives me hope that Americans are starting to see the destructive influence that Israel has on our nation's image and our foreign policy.