Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Deal of the Century

Packaging is so very important ...

A pig wearing perfume and wearing lipstick is still a pig.

This deal of the century, crafted by a Zionist Jared Kushner, the President's son-in-law and complete ignoramus, with the help of a pro-Israeli-settler US ambassador David Friedman, with Jason Greenblatt (another Zionist lackey) whispering in both their ears, is a complete disaster. It is a bigly mistake.

Who could have predicted that a bunch of Zionists, rubbing their hands together, trying their best to take a complete and total pro-Israel deal, and then selling it as the best deal possible for the Palestinians and the Israelis, would not work out?

The answer:  the entire thinking and moral universe.

This is a complete sham, masterful con, and amazing presentation.

So I guess the Palestinians should just lie down in the streets and let the Israeli tanks and bulldozers just roll over them en masse.

UN 242 still applies.  UN 238 still applies.  All of the accords that Israel has signed, and famously ignored, still apply.

Trump was given the White House by Sheldon Adelson, Bernie Marcus, and David Singer.  When Trump announced the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, in violation of international law, they applauded.  When Trump "gifted" the Golan Heights to Israel, a power Trump DOES NOT HAVE, they declared hallelujah. When Trump scuttled a successful nuclear deal with Iran, the JCPOA, these Israel-firsters soiled their underwear with glee.

Trump just met with Netanyahu, who was indicted in Israel on the same day they met, while Trump was himself being impeached for breaking the law in his dealings with Ukraine.  Are we all supposed to take seriously this "plan" from Trump's son-in-law?

The entire world needs to reject this madness.

Drain the swamp?  America First?  It seems that it is Israel First, and this brain-dead ignoramus and all of his demented and amoral followers ARE the swamp.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Trump, Iran and Solemeini

How is Trump not compromised?

This act was meant to start a war. When he came to power, I told friends and colleagues if we can get through 4 years without this tool starting a war with Iran and/or WWIII for the sake of Israel and its Zionist minions in the US government/media then that would be a good thing.

My worst fear is now realized.

When Pompeo said in an interview with a Christian publication that he thought Trump was sent by God to protect Israel from the Iranian menace, I knew we were in trouble.

The generals in earlier staffs, and there have been too many to count, would have kept Trump from following his worst impulses, but now that they have been banished, and Trump's ignorance is being manipulated by Netanyahu and the worst neocons in the US political circles, I am seriously worried. This man is too stupidly arrogant and ignorant to understand how he is being played, to advance the Zionist agenda, and that should concern everyone, democrats, republicans, Christians, Jews, Muslims and everybody else ... but alas the American populace is more concerned with who wins the next football game.

Time for another beer, and a bomb shelter.

Thursday, August 08, 2019

No articles to link to, no other comments to be subservient to ...

Just a few thoughts, as a libertarian, and an American, who sees that that the present direction of the US is simply catastrophic.

Trump is a con man. Trump is a liar. Trump is a racist. Trump is a deluded, self-important ignoramus who evaded military service, who has bragged about his sexual assaults, has bragged about his failure to pay taxes (which caused other people with lesser means to pay his taxes) and declare bankruptcy, has lashed out at his democratic opponents with juvenile impunity, has lashed out at his republican cronies with regular impunity when it "might" appear that they chose to be slightly independent, has lashed out at his former staff, has fired probably 60% or more of his staff, has always put the focus on himself even when it needed to be on others, like the victims in El Paso or Dayton.

Donald Trump is NOT stable. Trump is NOT a genius. Trump is NOT a "stable genius". Trump is NOT rational. Trump is NOT moral.
In fact, Trump is amoral. So are all his advisors.

And he we are, in the "greatest democracy of all time", which is a laughable joke, trying to figure out which of the democratic members of Congress are going to end Trump's reign, and yet these Democrats are all cannibalizing each other, and they are going to do exactly what they did in the last election ; put out an un-electable putz.

The US is dead. The American dream is dead. Mass shootings are a function of immorality and lack of knowledge of right and wrong, and no legislation will ever change that. The US is dead, and this electorate is about as dumb as a 10-pound bag of hammers, because they never realize how they are being played, manipulated, and programmed to think that they have to pick either black or white, Pepsi or Coke, or choice versus false-choice.

Benjamin Frankin, Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and every other founding father would have aborted all of their actions if they had known, a priori, what this country would come to stand for ; nothing good.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Trump is an Israeli Stooge

Don't know what else to say ....

Trump has done absolutely nothing to make America great again, so MAGA is just a really cheap slogan delivered by a narcissistic con man to an absolutely mindless horde of propagandized American zombies.

If you look at his actual record, minus all of the juvenile tweets, and petty insults, and childish/reckless behavior, the never-ending sequence of LIES, big lies and small lies, then you will see he has HURT American farmers, he has HURT American industry with his tariff war against the ENTIRE world, and ultimately he has HURT the US with his non-presidential remarks! You can do your own investigations, and you will see the statistics that support that claim. So it has been said on FOXNEWS, which is really FAUXAGITPROP, that Trump has been "great" on the economy!

Please, that is an absurd claim, but whatever, it works on his gullible followers, and then they go and repeat those claims in comment forums all over the internet, and we see the evolution of a lie and its ability to destroy :  brain cells, rationality, and ultimately the truth is the innocent victim! But they know how to swarm and attack, and they all call themselves Christians!  Can you imagine that?

But what Trump has done well is enact policy that has served the state of Israel very well!

He has moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, in violation of the 1948 partition plan. Jerusalem was designated as an international city, and neither Israel nor the Palestinians could claim Jerusalem, as it was the religious epicenter of the 3 major religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism, in any order you want to list them. Actually Judaism came first!

He withdrew the USA from the JCPOA, which was VERIFIED to be working, as Iran had passed 11 or 12 inspections processes, and Iran had moved 23,000 pounds of enriched uranium out of the country, under the terms of the plan, and Iran had concreted shut its plutonium breeder plant, which is NECESSARY for uranium enrichment. So if Israel claims that Iran posed a nuclear existential threat to its existence, then the JCPOA, which was WORKING, should have been the best thing for Israel since sliced bagels, but NO .... Netanyahu wanted the Iran deal to be scuttled and that is what happened.

Netanyahu visited the US Congress, and gave his arrogant and misleading speeches, in defiance of Obama's policy, and the "noble and democratic" US Congress backed Netanyahu, a war criminal, over ITS OWN PRESIDENT!  I have never been more ashamed of our so-called leaders as I was when I saw this occur!!!!

Are we done yet? Not quite!

So yesterday Trump decided to GIVE the Golan Heights (which is legally recognized as Syrian territory ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED since the 6-day war in 1967) to Israel.

Firstly, Trump does not have the legal authority to give lands from Country A to Country B. Secondly, let's imagine the reaction in the US if China decided to gift New Mexico to Mexico, which actually has a better claim than Israel does for the Golan!

Lost in all of this bluster and propaganda is what Israel actually did to the USA in the 6-day war of 1967. On June 8, 1967, Israel attacked the USS Liberty, after having performed 5 hours of surveillance on the ship, between the hours of 9 am and 2 pm, local time.  The Israeli jets strafed the USS Liberty and used napalm, and killed 34 American sailors. During the prolonged attack, which was later supplemented by an Israeli navy attack, the IDF machine-gunned US inflatable rafts for the American survivors (which is a war crime by the Geneva conventions) . The Israelis wounded another 171 American sailors on top of the 34 sailors killed! This was done by a supposedly American "ally" . How many of you have ever even heard of this attack? How did it get whitewashed out of US history? A good question, and if you can answer that one, then you can start to formulate the actual problem!

Never mind all of this history though. None of it even matters!  Trump just gave Israel, the greatest violator of UN resolutions and murderer of American military personnel by a "friend", the greatest gift Israel has received, since the last time Trump did the same thing (twice)!

Trump was paid by Adelson, Singer and Marcus to be a good president for Israel. I would say, so far, he has delivered, and his oblivious zombie followers don't know why. Is that surprising at all?

But we should be talking about Russia and collusion, right?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Trump A Russian Asset?

No link to an article for this one. Just a few thoughts ...

In the past two days the big news is the FBI investigation of Trump for being a possible Russian "asset", not an "agent".

Nobody knows for sure how this will end up, but here is a very serious question to consider:

If we accept that the standard is for American politicians to serve the US in words and in merit, and if Trump is possibly compromised in this regard (Russia), are we also going to similarly expose other politicians when their efforts are not dedicated to the USA first?

If the answer to that is yes, then I have a few scoundrels to expose, actually more than a few ...

1.  Marco Rubio introduced the "Combating the BDS" law in the new Senate (S.1.). Even in the midst of a government shutdown, the longest in US history mind you, the most urgent business in the new senate is to punish American companies if they choose not to invest in or buy goods from Israel and/or the Occupied Territories.  For the 26 states that have already passed these shameful laws, 2 of which have already been adjudicated to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL for violating the FIRST amendment, Marco Rubio is clearly serving the AIPAC agenda and Israel and NOT what is good for the USA.

2.  Any other senate cosponsor to the bill mentioned above .... same judgement.

3.  When Chuck Schumer went against his own democratic party, his own democratic president, and sided with a foreign head-of-state to vote against the Iran deal, it showed where his true allegiance lies.

4.  When Chuck Hagel was nominated for Secretary of Defense, senator Lindsey Graham said publicly, many times in fact, that Chuck Hagel would be "bad for Israel" (his words), and so many of the Miss Lindsey's questions were about Israel. One would have thought that Hagel was up for a position in the Knesset, given the sheer frequency with which Graham mentioned Israel.

5. When people were saying that the US should not get involved in another civil war (Syria) it was Graham and McCain that ran to the front of the line that wanted the US to arm the Syrian "rebels", i.e. terrorists, like al Nusra (later JAI), both groups who gave weapons to ISIS.  An article was out today where the outgoing minister of defense for Israel admitted that Israel gave weapons to Syrian terrorists.

Israel wanted Assad out, because Israel wants the Golan. Israel wants to keep the land they have illegally occupied since 1967. The Israelis know this is not possible with Assad in power and without American cover, so the West (US, UK, and Israel) funded the entire opposition to Assad, all for the sake of Israel, and not the US.

Many other US pols supported this disastrous policy, so every one of those pols need to be exposed for violating the serving-other-masters standard.

In fact, the sad reality is that if we hold US politicians up to this standard, when it comes to whitewashing Israel's war crimes, violations of international law, violations of signed treaties, giving Israel billions annually, allowing Israel to interfere/disrupt/hijack elections and foreign policy, there are probably only a handful of elected "leaders" in the USA that would pass the standard, and that is remarkable considering there are 435 members of the House and 100 in the Senate.

So by all means, let's measure our leaders' loyalty to the USA, but let's do it universally and with respect to all entities!

And let's see if we can deduce who, in the US Congress, is an Israeli "agent" versus who is an Israeli "asset" !

Monday, January 07, 2019

Senate or the Knesset

Article from Glenn Greenwald

When I first read this yesterday from RT, my blood started boiling.

But this event is just another event in a sequence of events that should, when all put together, paint a very accurate picture of politics here in the US, the "greatest democracy ever", as long as you can find professional prostitutes who put the best interests of another nation ahead of the US, and then try and be quiet and sneaky about it so not too many of the sheeple notice ...

So Glenn Greenwald makes many excellent points, as usual, but I think we should let this government shutdown just continue until the shutdown expands to the Congress, and then maybe we can re-think the actual role of the Constitution versus the presumed role of the Constitution in our governance.

AIPAC needs to be exposed and rooted out. These Israel-firsters like Graham and Rubio and Cruz aneed to be all rooted out, and then guillotined. Then maybe we can turn our attention to campaign finances, where upon closer inspection, we see a competition every four years between billionaire Jewish donors of supposedly-opposite political mindsets, showering campaigns with absurd amounts of cash, to see who is most pro-Israel? 

Adelson/Singer/Marcus backed Trump.  Saban/Soros backed Clinton. And usually the Koch brothers jump in, but with Trump they sat it out. Is it really a coincidence that Trump's first newspaper endorsement was Adelson's Las Vegas paper, and Trump's first major policy imperatives were moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and then scuttling the JCPOA? Think about that ....

Monday, December 17, 2018

Sign in Blood!

Soul Sold to Satan

So now 26 out of 50 US states have enacted legislation that guarantees negative consequences if Americans speak freely, in this case, loss of employment.

That is right, that is a true statement, and it is utterly despicable that this form of "governance" be allowed to continue unfettered ...

So this teacher in Texas was denied a renewal in her contract to teach speech pathology because she, get this, refused to sign a loyalty oath to Israel !!!!!!!

So now Americans who want to work (in 26/50 states) have to declare a priori that they will not participate in BDS activities.

I saw this law rear its ugly zionist head when Texas was rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey, but good Texans ought to go and read what Governor Abbott said about this piece of legislation. SHOCKING !!!!

This article ought to be on the first page of the NYT, Wapo, and other "mainstream" media publications. Because IT IS NOT, bigger questions OUGHT TO BE RAISED !!!!!

USA, the greatest democracy in the history of the universe, where freedom reigns, and people can do whatever they want, as long as they do not criticize a foreign government that has killed American sailors and interfered in EVERY US election since the 70's and screws US taxpayers out of hard-earned dollars every year and violates more international law than any nation EVER, and is a racist, Apartheid, terrorist state whose people HATE Christians ...

Dershowitz's Epiphany

Lying to the FBI Ain't a Crime?

So Alan Dershowitz, plagiarist extraordinaire and Israeli apologist, says that lying to the FBI is NOT a crime ...

This statement, from the Felix Frankfurter chair at Harvard Law School, really beggars belief.

Of course the discerning reader already knows why Dershowitz is degrading his name once again ...

1.  He is a true Israeli apologist. He was a lifelong democrat until the modern version of the GOP showed its true colors as Likud-West, at which point he has since changed teams. He is an Israel-firster that puts the best interest of Israel ahead of what is good and right for the USA.

2.  Trump promised Adelson/Singer/Marcus a US Embassy in Jerusalem and scuttling of the JCPOA, and he delivered to his Zionist masters their greatest demands. So Dershowitz is playing good speakerphone to the Zionist agenda of the real Trump administration.

3.  Trump and Dershowitz have both flown on Epstein's "Lolita Express" and maybe Trump has some dirt on pervy Alan, who knows? That is a bit of conjecture but one thing is certain.

Dershowitz should have gone down the Orwellian memory hole after his plagiarisms from "A Case for Israel" but because he says and does the "right" thing when it comes to Israel and its harder-to-defend-maniacal policies, he gets a constant audience on MSM. Perhaps that ought to be the "bigger issue" , but again, the discerning viewer/reader already understands that point.

But every time he opens his mouth he drags Harvard down, and he drags decent American jewry down, because he does not speak for all American jews and many have already exposed this deceitful shyster.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Israel's New Jewish Only State for Jews Only Bill

Good lord, if anyone read the terms of this new bill passed today by Israel's Knesset will instantly recognize the issues/challenges/problems/caveats stirred up by this racist/ethnocentric garbage legislation.

I am too tired to link to a relevant article, but the diligent reader can do one's own research.

SPOT IM Zionist Censorship

So I wrote a few comments again on Russia Today about Trump and Putin and the Helsinki "summit" and when I entered my comments, which violated NONE of SPOT IM's rules and regulations ; yet my comment was auto-deleted.
It never happened ....

Censorship is evil because sinister people with undeclared ideologies prevent an actual discussion from taking place.

Censorship is evil because it seeks to steer a discussion in a certain direction, one that is closely allied with these dark and nondescript ideologies.

Censorship is evil because nobody ever has to account for their dubious actions.

The whole world needs to block/boycott SPOT IM, based in Israel, from running comment forums in articles run from various media outlets.

Ultimately, this cancer needs to be removed, which I could also say about Israel to the US.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Haley's Pathetic Exasperations

CNBC Article on Haley's "Cesspool"

Here she goes again, the most clueless American "representative" showing off her ignorance, AGAIN.

So the US withdraws from UNESCO because it has an anti-Israel bias.
Now the US is withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council, because it has an anti-Israel bias.
The US and Israel claim that Human Rights Watch has an anti-Israel bias.
The US and Israel claim that Amnesty International has an anti-Israel bias.
The US and Israel claim that B'tSelem, an Israeli human rights group, has an anti-Israel bias.
The US and Israel claim that the International Committee of the Red Cross has an anti-Israel bias.
The US and Israel claim that Physicians for Human Rights - Israel has an anti-Israel bias.

So all of these human rights groups and NGO's, with independent staffs, all come to the same conclusion.

I guess the entire world is anti-Semitic ...

OR another possibility does exist that Israel is being criticized, rightfully so, because of its illegal, criminal and immoral behavior.

Nikki Haley then claims that there is a "cesspool" and uses that to justify this withdrawal. For once, this ignoramus is correct. There is a cesspool, but it ain't at the UN.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Russia Today and Israeli Censorship

Every so often I visit Russia Today to see a different perspective on a few issues, and they are willing to disclose certain details that the US press NEVER discloses, especially on the topics of Syria (all of which are verifiable through other sources) and dollar hegemony and Israel-Palestine.

Lately, though, I have been irked to see that my comments get instantly blocked/censored. So I did a small amount of research and SPOT IM does their comment forums. FYI, SPOT IM is based in Israel, and I read their staff bios, so it is clear that Israel and Zionists are deciding what comments make it on RT.

Amazingly enough, the comments I leave contain facts, no name-calling, history etc and these are being auto-censored. But SPOT IM will publish the comments with no merit at all, the comments that definitely cross the line, the ones that are sometimes based on "conspiracy theories" and hate-speech. Now why would they censor a rational, fact-based, articulate argument with relevant history and publish the garbage they do?

It is clever, really. The editorial staff at SPOT IM are censoring rational, valid arguments and publishing the rubbish because the rubbish is easy to dismiss and they do not want the actual valid and pertinent information being disseminated.

It is clever, but very sad and pathetic at the same time. How can RT subcontract out their comment sections in such an easily-manipulated way?

No matter, since I have my own blogsite I will NOT be censored so piss off SPOT IM.