Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Trump is an Israeli Stooge

Don't know what else to say ....

Trump has done absolutely nothing to make America great again, so MAGA is just a really cheap slogan delivered by a narcissistic con man to an absolutely mindless horde of propagandized American zombies.

If you look at his actual record, minus all of the juvenile tweets, and petty insults, and childish/reckless behavior, the never-ending sequence of LIES, big lies and small lies, then you will see he has HURT American farmers, he has HURT American industry with his tariff war against the ENTIRE world, and ultimately he has HURT the US with his non-presidential remarks! You can do your own investigations, and you will see the statistics that support that claim. So it has been said on FOXNEWS, which is really FAUXAGITPROP, that Trump has been "great" on the economy!

Please, that is an absurd claim, but whatever, it works on his gullible followers, and then they go and repeat those claims in comment forums all over the internet, and we see the evolution of a lie and its ability to destroy :  brain cells, rationality, and ultimately the truth is the innocent victim! But they know how to swarm and attack, and they all call themselves Christians!  Can you imagine that?

But what Trump has done well is enact policy that has served the state of Israel very well!

He has moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, in violation of the 1948 partition plan. Jerusalem was designated as an international city, and neither Israel nor the Palestinians could claim Jerusalem, as it was the religious epicenter of the 3 major religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism, in any order you want to list them. Actually Judaism came first!

He withdrew the USA from the JCPOA, which was VERIFIED to be working, as Iran had passed 11 or 12 inspections processes, and Iran had moved 23,000 pounds of enriched uranium out of the country, under the terms of the plan, and Iran had concreted shut its plutonium breeder plant, which is NECESSARY for uranium enrichment. So if Israel claims that Iran posed a nuclear existential threat to its existence, then the JCPOA, which was WORKING, should have been the best thing for Israel since sliced bagels, but NO .... Netanyahu wanted the Iran deal to be scuttled and that is what happened.

Netanyahu visited the US Congress, and gave his arrogant and misleading speeches, in defiance of Obama's policy, and the "noble and democratic" US Congress backed Netanyahu, a war criminal, over ITS OWN PRESIDENT!  I have never been more ashamed of our so-called leaders as I was when I saw this occur!!!!

Are we done yet? Not quite!

So yesterday Trump decided to GIVE the Golan Heights (which is legally recognized as Syrian territory ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED since the 6-day war in 1967) to Israel.

Firstly, Trump does not have the legal authority to give lands from Country A to Country B. Secondly, let's imagine the reaction in the US if China decided to gift New Mexico to Mexico, which actually has a better claim than Israel does for the Golan!

Lost in all of this bluster and propaganda is what Israel actually did to the USA in the 6-day war of 1967. On June 8, 1967, Israel attacked the USS Liberty, after having performed 5 hours of surveillance on the ship, between the hours of 9 am and 2 pm, local time.  The Israeli jets strafed the USS Liberty and used napalm, and killed 34 American sailors. During the prolonged attack, which was later supplemented by an Israeli navy attack, the IDF machine-gunned US inflatable rafts for the American survivors (which is a war crime by the Geneva conventions) . The Israelis wounded another 171 American sailors on top of the 34 sailors killed! This was done by a supposedly American "ally" . How many of you have ever even heard of this attack? How did it get whitewashed out of US history? A good question, and if you can answer that one, then you can start to formulate the actual problem!

Never mind all of this history though. None of it even matters!  Trump just gave Israel, the greatest violator of UN resolutions and murderer of American military personnel by a "friend", the greatest gift Israel has received, since the last time Trump did the same thing (twice)!

Trump was paid by Adelson, Singer and Marcus to be a good president for Israel. I would say, so far, he has delivered, and his oblivious zombie followers don't know why. Is that surprising at all?

But we should be talking about Russia and collusion, right?