Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Trump A Russian Asset?

No link to an article for this one. Just a few thoughts ...

In the past two days the big news is the FBI investigation of Trump for being a possible Russian "asset", not an "agent".

Nobody knows for sure how this will end up, but here is a very serious question to consider:

If we accept that the standard is for American politicians to serve the US in words and in merit, and if Trump is possibly compromised in this regard (Russia), are we also going to similarly expose other politicians when their efforts are not dedicated to the USA first?

If the answer to that is yes, then I have a few scoundrels to expose, actually more than a few ...

1.  Marco Rubio introduced the "Combating the BDS" law in the new Senate (S.1.). Even in the midst of a government shutdown, the longest in US history mind you, the most urgent business in the new senate is to punish American companies if they choose not to invest in or buy goods from Israel and/or the Occupied Territories.  For the 26 states that have already passed these shameful laws, 2 of which have already been adjudicated to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL for violating the FIRST amendment, Marco Rubio is clearly serving the AIPAC agenda and Israel and NOT what is good for the USA.

2.  Any other senate cosponsor to the bill mentioned above .... same judgement.

3.  When Chuck Schumer went against his own democratic party, his own democratic president, and sided with a foreign head-of-state to vote against the Iran deal, it showed where his true allegiance lies.

4.  When Chuck Hagel was nominated for Secretary of Defense, senator Lindsey Graham said publicly, many times in fact, that Chuck Hagel would be "bad for Israel" (his words), and so many of the Miss Lindsey's questions were about Israel. One would have thought that Hagel was up for a position in the Knesset, given the sheer frequency with which Graham mentioned Israel.

5. When people were saying that the US should not get involved in another civil war (Syria) it was Graham and McCain that ran to the front of the line that wanted the US to arm the Syrian "rebels", i.e. terrorists, like al Nusra (later JAI), both groups who gave weapons to ISIS.  An article was out today where the outgoing minister of defense for Israel admitted that Israel gave weapons to Syrian terrorists.

Israel wanted Assad out, because Israel wants the Golan. Israel wants to keep the land they have illegally occupied since 1967. The Israelis know this is not possible with Assad in power and without American cover, so the West (US, UK, and Israel) funded the entire opposition to Assad, all for the sake of Israel, and not the US.

Many other US pols supported this disastrous policy, so every one of those pols need to be exposed for violating the serving-other-masters standard.

In fact, the sad reality is that if we hold US politicians up to this standard, when it comes to whitewashing Israel's war crimes, violations of international law, violations of signed treaties, giving Israel billions annually, allowing Israel to interfere/disrupt/hijack elections and foreign policy, there are probably only a handful of elected "leaders" in the USA that would pass the standard, and that is remarkable considering there are 435 members of the House and 100 in the Senate.

So by all means, let's measure our leaders' loyalty to the USA, but let's do it universally and with respect to all entities!

And let's see if we can deduce who, in the US Congress, is an Israeli "agent" versus who is an Israeli "asset" !

Monday, January 07, 2019

Senate or the Knesset

Article from Glenn Greenwald

When I first read this yesterday from RT, my blood started boiling.

But this event is just another event in a sequence of events that should, when all put together, paint a very accurate picture of politics here in the US, the "greatest democracy ever", as long as you can find professional prostitutes who put the best interests of another nation ahead of the US, and then try and be quiet and sneaky about it so not too many of the sheeple notice ...

So Glenn Greenwald makes many excellent points, as usual, but I think we should let this government shutdown just continue until the shutdown expands to the Congress, and then maybe we can re-think the actual role of the Constitution versus the presumed role of the Constitution in our governance.

AIPAC needs to be exposed and rooted out. These Israel-firsters like Graham and Rubio and Cruz aneed to be all rooted out, and then guillotined. Then maybe we can turn our attention to campaign finances, where upon closer inspection, we see a competition every four years between billionaire Jewish donors of supposedly-opposite political mindsets, showering campaigns with absurd amounts of cash, to see who is most pro-Israel? 

Adelson/Singer/Marcus backed Trump.  Saban/Soros backed Clinton. And usually the Koch brothers jump in, but with Trump they sat it out. Is it really a coincidence that Trump's first newspaper endorsement was Adelson's Las Vegas paper, and Trump's first major policy imperatives were moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and then scuttling the JCPOA? Think about that ....