Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Monday, December 17, 2018

Sign in Blood!

Soul Sold to Satan

So now 26 out of 50 US states have enacted legislation that guarantees negative consequences if Americans speak freely, in this case, loss of employment.

That is right, that is a true statement, and it is utterly despicable that this form of "governance" be allowed to continue unfettered ...

So this teacher in Texas was denied a renewal in her contract to teach speech pathology because she, get this, refused to sign a loyalty oath to Israel !!!!!!!

So now Americans who want to work (in 26/50 states) have to declare a priori that they will not participate in BDS activities.

I saw this law rear its ugly zionist head when Texas was rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey, but good Texans ought to go and read what Governor Abbott said about this piece of legislation. SHOCKING !!!!

This article ought to be on the first page of the NYT, Wapo, and other "mainstream" media publications. Because IT IS NOT, bigger questions OUGHT TO BE RAISED !!!!!

USA, the greatest democracy in the history of the universe, where freedom reigns, and people can do whatever they want, as long as they do not criticize a foreign government that has killed American sailors and interfered in EVERY US election since the 70's and screws US taxpayers out of hard-earned dollars every year and violates more international law than any nation EVER, and is a racist, Apartheid, terrorist state whose people HATE Christians ...

Dershowitz's Epiphany

Lying to the FBI Ain't a Crime?

So Alan Dershowitz, plagiarist extraordinaire and Israeli apologist, says that lying to the FBI is NOT a crime ...

This statement, from the Felix Frankfurter chair at Harvard Law School, really beggars belief.

Of course the discerning reader already knows why Dershowitz is degrading his name once again ...

1.  He is a true Israeli apologist. He was a lifelong democrat until the modern version of the GOP showed its true colors as Likud-West, at which point he has since changed teams. He is an Israel-firster that puts the best interest of Israel ahead of what is good and right for the USA.

2.  Trump promised Adelson/Singer/Marcus a US Embassy in Jerusalem and scuttling of the JCPOA, and he delivered to his Zionist masters their greatest demands. So Dershowitz is playing good speakerphone to the Zionist agenda of the real Trump administration.

3.  Trump and Dershowitz have both flown on Epstein's "Lolita Express" and maybe Trump has some dirt on pervy Alan, who knows? That is a bit of conjecture but one thing is certain.

Dershowitz should have gone down the Orwellian memory hole after his plagiarisms from "A Case for Israel" but because he says and does the "right" thing when it comes to Israel and its harder-to-defend-maniacal policies, he gets a constant audience on MSM. Perhaps that ought to be the "bigger issue" , but again, the discerning viewer/reader already understands that point.

But every time he opens his mouth he drags Harvard down, and he drags decent American jewry down, because he does not speak for all American jews and many have already exposed this deceitful shyster.