Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Haley's Pathetic Exasperations

CNBC Article on Haley's "Cesspool"

Here she goes again, the most clueless American "representative" showing off her ignorance, AGAIN.

So the US withdraws from UNESCO because it has an anti-Israel bias.
Now the US is withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council, because it has an anti-Israel bias.
The US and Israel claim that Human Rights Watch has an anti-Israel bias.
The US and Israel claim that Amnesty International has an anti-Israel bias.
The US and Israel claim that B'tSelem, an Israeli human rights group, has an anti-Israel bias.
The US and Israel claim that the International Committee of the Red Cross has an anti-Israel bias.
The US and Israel claim that Physicians for Human Rights - Israel has an anti-Israel bias.

So all of these human rights groups and NGO's, with independent staffs, all come to the same conclusion.

I guess the entire world is anti-Semitic ...

OR another possibility does exist that Israel is being criticized, rightfully so, because of its illegal, criminal and immoral behavior.

Nikki Haley then claims that there is a "cesspool" and uses that to justify this withdrawal. For once, this ignoramus is correct. There is a cesspool, but it ain't at the UN.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Russia Today and Israeli Censorship

Every so often I visit Russia Today to see a different perspective on a few issues, and they are willing to disclose certain details that the US press NEVER discloses, especially on the topics of Syria (all of which are verifiable through other sources) and dollar hegemony and Israel-Palestine.

Lately, though, I have been irked to see that my comments get instantly blocked/censored. So I did a small amount of research and SPOT IM does their comment forums. FYI, SPOT IM is based in Israel, and I read their staff bios, so it is clear that Israel and Zionists are deciding what comments make it on RT.

Amazingly enough, the comments I leave contain facts, no name-calling, history etc and these are being auto-censored. But SPOT IM will publish the comments with no merit at all, the comments that definitely cross the line, the ones that are sometimes based on "conspiracy theories" and hate-speech. Now why would they censor a rational, fact-based, articulate argument with relevant history and publish the garbage they do?

It is clever, really. The editorial staff at SPOT IM are censoring rational, valid arguments and publishing the rubbish because the rubbish is easy to dismiss and they do not want the actual valid and pertinent information being disseminated.

It is clever, but very sad and pathetic at the same time. How can RT subcontract out their comment sections in such an easily-manipulated way?

No matter, since I have my own blogsite I will NOT be censored so piss off SPOT IM.