Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Monday, May 21, 2018

Pompeo's Inner Neocon Comes Out

Politico's Article about Pompeo's Threats

Enter John Bolton, and his failed neocon proxy interventions on behalf of Israel, and Mike Pompeo, who now wants Iran to withdraw forces from Syria and give up on nuclear weapons forever.

To begin with, Syria INVITED Iran's fighters to come to Syria and fight against ISIS and al Nusra, both Sunni terrorist groups, both supported by the US, UK and Israel. This is Syria's decision and NOT Pompeo's, nor his nimrod boss Trump. So this demand is vacuous. If Syria wants Iran to leave, then that is Syria's decision and prerogative.

Secondly, the arrogance of the US, in the service of Israel and Netanyahu, is really surreal and extremely disappointing and pathetic, and not what you would expect from the "greatest democracy in the universe". Iran had passed all of the inspections examinations, as attested to by the IAEA under the supervision of the UN. How many of these Israel-firster neocons actually read these 10 reports?

But even when Iran complied, the US did NOT comply. Europe needs to band together and follow through with their blocking of US sanctions and not make the mistake of being bullied out of the deal. And Russia and China need to also support the EU in the mandate of Iran's nuclear program.

The US thinks it can use its crooked central bankers, which has bankrupted the US economy and loots the world's resources, to sanction the entire world. Well then, fine, let the US sanction the whole world, for that would mean by reciprocity that the world is sanctioning the US.

Somebody wake me up when the revolution starts ....

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Nikki Haley

So Nikki Haley delivers her speech to the UNSC, after the IDF murdered 58 Palestinians on Palestinian land, and wounded another 2700.

And when the Palestinian representative, Riyad Monsour, begins his address, what does this glorious mouth-breather and AIPAC whore do? She walks out of the room.

If anyone does not recognize this act for what it is, an admission that the US is no longer the arbiter of peace talks that it has proclaimed to be in the last 40 years, then they are delusional.

If anyone does not recognize this act for what it is, an admission that the US is a dishonest enabler of Israeli war crimes, then they are delusional.

Nikki Haley, in her speech most likely prepared by AIPAC, said that the massacre was the fault of Hamas (and Iran !!!) and not the IDF bullets which were aimed and directed by Israel's willing executioners, I guess she did the job she was courted to do.

Trump's bank rollers were Sheldon Adelson, Bernie Marcus, and Paul Singer, and all 3 of these Zionist Jews ONLY care about Israel, even as they live and breathe in the USA and use their money here to craft a pro-Israel foreign policy, never mind what is good for the USA.

One day, there will be a revolution, and it will be bloody, and these scoundrels will be held to account, and their bank accounts will not be able to save them.

The rest of America needs to do some serious soul-searching and ask some poignant questions about the nature of their representation, or serious lack thereof.

The USA is dead, and Israel is the dubious cancer that has delivered the coup de grace.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hamas Did It

Press TV Article with Richard Becker

Israeli shot dead 58 Palestinians and wounded another 2700 approximately yesterday, as Mnuchin , Ivanka , Jared , Friedman and Netanyahu christened the new US Embassy in Jerusalem. Hooray for creating facts on the ground.

But the response from the White House, that Israel has a "right to defend its borders" is really sad, pathetic and surreal.

And now today Nikki Haley is saying at the UNSC that it really wasn't Israel that killed and wounded these Palestinians, that it was Hamas. It really wasn't IDF bullets that killed rock-throwers and kite-fliers, that it was Hamas. And the "clashes" that were reported in the western "press" is an interesting choice of wording, since NO Israelis were injured. Clashes signify both parties absorbing damage. This was nothing of the sort. This was a brutal, cold-blooded, and unequivocal massacre perpetrated by Israel against a defenseless population.

Some of the articles reported that Palestinians "died". Wow, what deliberate distortion in the US presses that, ah hemm, are favorable to Israel whenever they report on this issue.

I guess the Palestinian leadership lined up a bunch of cancer patients and other terminally-ill patients, and I guess they all just happened to fall to the ground dead from old age or pre-existing medical conditions, while IDF bullets came their way.

What a blasphemous and insulting way to whitewash Israeli war crimes.

How does Nikki Haley or Trump or Jared or Ivanka explain away the Israeli MK's comments that the IDF has enough bullets for "everyone" in Gaza. Perhaps we will hear of Hamas having enough Palestinians for each one of these immoral IDF bullets ....

Sickening display by Israel and the US. Kudos to Turkey and South Africa for recalling their ambassadors. The rest of the world needs to do the same.

Friday, May 11, 2018

American Vassals

French Minister's Comments

So Iran complied, verified by all 10 IAEA reports. Iran had already shipped out 23,000 of enriched uranium leaving insufficient amounts for a single bomb. Iran concrete shut its plutonium breeder and dismantled 2/3 of its centrifuges .... all of which has been verified.

BUT Trump said the deal was bad, that it was the worst deal in the history of the universe.

Then McMaster gets fired and Bolton takes his job. John Bolton has been sabre rattling against Iran since mid 2000's, and he has been wrong on EVERY pronouncement. Must be nice to be a neocon in American politics and be wrong about EVERYTHING and still have a platform with which to influence the gullible and start illegal wars for Israel's benefit.

Netanyahu gives his ridiculous presentation, which has been torn apart by intelligence analysts, and yet a week later, Trump withdraws from the JCPOA.

Then, the US demands that sanctions on Iran be imposed once again, and then demands that all of the EU abide by those sanctions. That is real chutzpah. The US doesn't like the game so it takes its ball, made in Israel, and goes home. And when it gets home it tells everybody else that the same game can't be played by anyone else ...

I am glad to see this minister from France stand up and say "Arretez".

France, Germany, the UK, Russia and China need to hold a follow-up meeting with Iran and give promises that as long as Iran continues to pass IAEA inspections and lives up to the terms of the JCPOA, that they will not honor America's illegal sanctions. The US likes to single out states, but if these nations stand together, the US will lose this Israeli-directed hijacking of international diplomacy.

And then a day after the US withdraws, Israel bombed some more targets inside Syria that they identified as Iranian bases. But the Iranians were invited by Assad and the Russians were invited by Assad. The US sponsors al Nusra, a terrorist group, as does Israel, so US and Israeli interference is not welcome inside Syria's civil war, but then after 2 bombing campaigns in Syria (which is illegal under international law, not that Israel nor the US cares one bit) Israel then claims to be attacked by Iran in the Golan, which is NOT Israeli territory, and then unleashes a third barrage of missiles from Lebanese airspace (another violation of international law) , all the while sniping unarmed Palestinians on Palestinian land (another violation of international law).

But the Trumpkins cheered him on yesterday in Indiana, where a few states away he just neutered all of the US soybean farmers with his trade stance with China. The trumptards cheered for him while he is pulling his pants down and bending over for Adelson and Netanyahu.

As an independent who leans libertarian, this presidency has been the most disgusting and disappointing in my lifetime, and perhaps in US history.