Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Pompeo Is Israel's Champion

USA Today Article

So Tillerson and McMaster were not hawkish enough on Iran and Syria, so Trump the magnificent fires these level-headed people and replaces them with John Bolton, the quintessential neocon (one of the original advocates for invading Iraq in 2003 even though Iraq had NO WMD's, NO connections to al queda or 911, all because Doug Feith was using Israeli estimates on intelligence instead of US estimates .... (Pentagon Inspector General Report)) and now Pompeo, whose first visit had him hugging a war criminal in Netanyahu and talking tough on Iran. Israel is in the middle of a deliberate campaign of shooting unarmed Palestinian protesters on THEIR OWN LAND and then having liars like Nikki Haley saying at the UN that it is Hamas, and NOT Israeli bullets, that are killing these people. Everyone turn their head and not see anything ...

As soon as these two Israel-firsters join Team Trump, we have a false flag chemical attack in Syria, which Russia warned about a month before it happened, Israel sending missiles into Syria, the US, UK, and France sending their missiles into Syria, and after the delegation that just visited the ICC in the Hague, the facts are exactly as the warning given by the Russians. Big surprise. Now, the US is going to scuttle the JCPOA because Netanyahu (under investigation for corruption and already guilty of being an absolute soulless, demonic anti-human) wants it.

Here was my original suspicion when Adelson's Las Vegas newspaper was the first newspaper to publicly endorse Trump ... that Trump would be installed to do Israel's bidding, which is Adelson's only concern.

1. Trump defied international law and declared Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

2.  Trump has deposited a dimwit at the UN to give lame speeches about human rights (of other countries while ignoring the destabilization of the entire WORLD because of her country's machinations) and make threats about suspended funding if the votes do not come out like the US wants ... which defeats the purpose of the UN in the first place. Nikki Haley has spent a disproportionate amount of time talking about Israel and how the UN has a bias against Israel and the rest of the free world does not vote like the US wants on Israel, we will punish you severely. She is so deluded that she does not even recognize the absurdity of her position as advocating for the USA and NOT bloody Israel.

3.  Trump's campaign Syria policy does not match up well with his presidential positions. Trump's foreign policy staff had the US giving weapons and material aid to the "moderate rebels" , i.e. known terrorists like al nusra and JAI, and 3 times under Trump's watch, the US bombed Syrian regular army forces when they were in pursuit of ISIS, and three times ISIS got away and Syria suffered a setback. Three times the US said mea culpa, but three times makes one wonder ...
And then the false flag attack, about which Russia warned a good month in advance, happened and the US, the UK, and France bravely send their missiles into Syria, and for what purpose and to what end? Israel wants Assad out. Assad asked for help from the Russians and the Iranians, and the Russians and Iranians were fighting the actual terrorists, the ones supported by the US and Israel, and winning, This was too much. So just make up some more lies, like they did on Iraq, to justify their geopolitical strategic imperatives. Go look up the board of Genie Energy and what they recently found in the Golan Heights, and you will understand exactly what Israel wants out of this mangled reality in Syria.

4.  Iran has complied with the terms of the JCPOA, and the US has not. Iran has shipped out 23,000 lbs of enriched uranium, has concreted shut its plutonium breeder, which is necessary for enriching uranium, and so it does not have the ability to weaponize its fissile material. The JCPOA was signed by Russia, China, UK, France, Germany and Iran, and if the US withdraws, it does not force the others to do so. Sanctions will not be honored by the other parties, and Iran will re-start its nuclear program, which will be likely seized on by Israel as a casus belli and I am sure Israel will love to drop some bombs on Iran, even their illegally-held nukes at Dimona, and then claim after-the-fact that it was an existential necessity ... Bottom line : the US gets nothing by withdrawing but it is good for Israel so that is now the policy.

Trumpkins need to realize that MAGA and "drain the swamp" are actually equivalent to the president of the US taking orders from a criminal, racist, Apartheid and terrorist state. Trump might say MAGA to the masses, but when in the company of Jared and Ivanka, or Netanyahu, or Adelson, what he really whispers is MIGA.

It is really sad to see what has happened to this country. Once great, once noble, once principled, once the beacon of light for other nations ... now ?