Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Way It Is, But Not the Way It Should Be

The GOP Seeks Out Jewish Donors

So we enter the frenetic race for the next Presidential election, and the GOP'ers are off and running. There is a land rush of sorts, except the coveted prize is not land but influence and money. They are off running to get some of Adelson's money, and all they have to do is proclaim their love of Israel and their commitment to Israel in the foreign policy arena. To gain Adelson's support, they need to vilify the impending nuclear deal with Iran, saying that Obama gave up too much. Even though reason demands the obvious point that Russia, China, Britain, France, and Germany would never have given into questionable terms just because Obama wanted to do this or that, given the current relationship between the US and its "partners".

Many of the same GOP mouth breathers begging for Adelson's money are the ones that signed the open letter to Iran, claiming that the deal would never last, showing their ignorance of international law and slapping their own president and state department in the face, while aligning their position with the Iranian hardliners, who also do not want a nuclear deal. All of this done in the service of Netanyahu, who has actually gone out of his way to embarrass our leaders (not just Obama, Biden, Kerry et al.). Even if you do not like Obama's current position, he is our president. The speech he gave to our Congress, while trying to score political points at home, would have made Jefferson, and Adams, and Washington roll over in their grave. When an American politician gets chastised because he did not clap enthusiastically enough, then people need to start asking questions, like what the hell is going on?

So is this the way it is supposed to be? In the "greatest" democracy in the solar system? That a candidate's chances of winning depend on seeking funds from one demographic, or that the candidates are completely subservient to a foreign lobby called AIPAC?

America First! America first, second, third, .... and last! And if your actions say otherwise, then your loyalty to this nation is questionable.

Monday, April 06, 2015

More Israeli War Crimes ... Does It Matter?

Israel has once again committed war crimes in Gaza, in the summer of 2014. If there is ever any investigation, I am sure that the investigative team will also find Hamas guilty of war crimes as well, just as they did in 2008-2009 during Operation Cast Lead.

The key difference will be, once again, the effectiveness of the Israeli killing machine versus the dreadful tactic of sending homemade missiles into Israel with no hope of doing any physical or mortal damage, the only wounds being inflicted on the morale of the Israeli public diving into bomb shelters for "rockets" that cannot do any harm.

At the end of last summer's crisis, Israel killed around 2,500 Palestinians, and this go around, Hamas soldiers killed around 70 Israeli soldiers. Of the Palestinian dead, about 1800 were civilian, with another multiple hundred of children killed.

Once again, Israel bombed schools, hospitals, and UN shelters, claiming that Hamas militants were "hiding" among the civilians. Since the Palestinians have no army, no navy, no air force, no marines, no coast guard, no helicopters, no assault jets, no white phosphorus munitions, and no US weapons, I guess they were hiding with the civilians since they were civilians, trying to defend their people against an overly militant, racist, terrorist state with the blessing of the world's sole superpower.

How many of you watched the kids gunned downed by Israeli Navy warships while the kids played soccer on the beach? How many of you saw the broadcast of the journalist overlooking the beach as the claim was made that when the kids ran away, after the first shell struck, that the Israeli gun turrets re-targeted the kids running away from the shelling?

Sadly, episodes like this get lost in the large-scale Israeli denials of their egregious contraventions of international law and get ultimately lost when US media report that "Israel was fighting against terrorism".

The End of My Blogsite

So I thought about shutting down my blogsite, since I never get any substantive comments, and my google page hits are quite high, but nobody ever seems to post a comment, so no discussion ever progresses.

It has been quite a while since I have posted any links to articles or comments, but given the situation with Netanyahu addressing the US Congress and the ongoing discussions with the P5+1 nations with Iran and the nuclear issue, I thought I might start to add some more comments and articles.

I guess I am saying I am back, and instead of offering my comments to the idiotic partisans on various "news" sites, I am back to run my site and add my commentary.