Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Saturday, August 09, 2014

War Crimes in Gaza?

Amy Goodman's Interview with Kenneth Roth and John Dugard

Very insightful interview, which explains a key difference between war crimes commissions during war between two parties and committing war crimes as an occupying power.

Goldstone is Jewish and found Israel guilty of war crimes in 2008-09. Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch is also Jewish, and alleges that Israel is again committing war crimes. I am sure that the Israeli apologists will attack his findings as well, if only they were more visibly seen in our media in the US.

All we get to see on the mainstream networks (I am glad we have people like Amy Goodman!) are the apologists, like Sean Hannity or O'Reilly or Ron Dermer, or the proven liar Mark Regev or former aides to Netanyahu, or worst of all, the bought-and-paid-for Israeli puppet Lindsey Graham. Now that Israeli has committed war crimes for the second time in a handful of years, their supporters in the US will be scrambling to win the PR war by justifying all of this wanton death and destruction by invoking the words "terror" and "right to defend itself" and manufacturing a casus belli after the fact. The record is clear, tragic, and sad.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Canadian PM's Statement

CTV News Article

So the Israelis who man the tank stuffed the artillery shells down the barrel, and the IDF commanders loaded in the coordinates for the UN school, and the range was set by adjusting for wind speed, and the shells were fired, repeatedly.

But the Canadian PM says that this was all the fault of Hamas? Make no mistake about it, the IDF missiles fired repeatedly at the UN school are the reason these people died.

Israel has done this several times in the past, so this is no "mistake" or accident". It is a deliberate policy, just like the deliberate policies which caused them to be investigated for war crimes in Gaza in 2008-09 during Operation Cast Lead. What was the result of the investigation, headed by a Zionist Jew? That Israel committed de facto war crimes, that Israel had used disproportionate force using illegal weapons, and that Israel had deliberately targeted civilians. If ever there was a time, or event, for the US to distance itself from Israeli policy, this was it. But sadly, this did not happen.

I do not care for the political posturing of Hamas, but also I hate the fact that Israel is so wanton when it comes to Palestinian life, or Lebanese life, or Syrian life. But the Canadian PM says that Hamas is responsible. I do not think, for a second, that a Jewish life is more precious than any other life, even the occupied and oppressed Palestinians.

And here I thought that the Canadian government was better than the US government in its role in supporting the war crimes of Israel. How wrong I was!!

It is nice to see how powerful the Israel lobby is outside the US. I was beginning to think that my country is the only country to have its democratic process completely upended by this rogue terrorist-supporting organization. It warms my heart to see our Canadian neighbors also adversely affected by this moral plague ....