Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Syria Agenda

Telegraph Article

In April, the UN sent an investigator into Syria to assess claims that Assad used chemical weapons against civilians. What the investigators discovered was that the rebel forces, in fact, used chemical weapons against civilians, trying to entice western powers to intervene to overthrow Assad.  Two weeks ago, more claims occurred that Assad used chemical weapons against civilians. This is after Assad's army had surrounded rebel positions and was winning the ground war. When the report came out, I said it would be ludicrous for the winning party to use a desperate tool like chemical weapons.

Then Obama stepped in and said it was Assad, and that the US would strike Syria. Obama said that the US had intelligence that Syrian forces deployed chemical weapons. When pressed by the UK, France, Russia, and other allies, the US said that the intel was classified .....  That was the first red flag for me. Governments classify documents so that their citizens don't know what illegalities their government is performing against the citizenry. But despotic governments always share their info with other despotic governments when trying to pitch a war. But the US did not do this. The German newspapers started reporting that the US is using Israeli intel on an intercepted conversation between Syrian officials about the attack ...

And then AIPAC rolls out John McCain and Lyndsey Graham to push for a Syrian strike. It is amazing that these two bought-and-paid-for fools don't bother to mention that the Syrian rebels are heavily populated by al queda, and that we are about to assist, once again, in a civil war on the side of rebels in which al queda is operating. What did the rebels do in Libya after Quadaffi was killed. They turned on the US and struck our embassy. But we are sleepwalking into another war, one that threatens to engulf the entire region, because of Israel.

I guess that we all are supposed to forget that Israel gave the US doctored intel that led the US into war with Iraq. We know this for a fact. Most Americans are unaware of the Pentagon's Inspector General report on Doug Feith's office, which was the only "slam dunk" ever produced concerning intelligence.

And now, Israel wants the US to take out Syria, and we are supposed to believe their claims, and follow their agenda once again?

Israel thinks that this is a first step leading to a confrontation with Iran. Israel could care less if the US loses status in the international community. Israel's only calculus is whether or not this action is good for Israel.

Read very carefully Assad's interview and apply a modicum of common sense.

If Obama bows under Israeli pressure for this action, then the US has definitely achieved a new low.