Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Israel Condemns EU Move?

Times-Online Article

What a strange title for an article! The EU makes a move that says that its member nations agree that Israel cannot continue to defy international law and past UN resolutions, no matter that the US keeps giving its lawlessness unconditional support. But Israel condemns the EU! That is comical. Israel condemns the UN for its anti-Israel bias. Israel condemns Amnesty and Human Rights Watch and the International Red Cross for its anti-Israel bias. Israel condemns .... any institution that dares to criticize its policies. Why is everybody picking on poor little defenseless and innocent Israel?

The discussion should be whether or not the US will continue to be the lone backer (disregarding the support of international powerhouses like Tuvalu and Micronesia) of this rogue nation's racist, colonialist and terrorist policies. With our Congress and the Bushes and Obamas and Clintons of the world, Israel has the support of our government through AIPAC's meddling and blackmail tactics. The ignorant people in our country still support Israel, the Christian Zionists, the FOX news fanatics, the people still propagandized by the same neocon institutions that led us into Iraq on a pack of lies (media and the prominent neocon think-tanks), that have tried to repeat the tactics on Iran, the same ones who wanted to intervene in Libya and now Syria.

But Bibi selected Ron Dermer as his new ambassador, so don't expect any willingness to budge from the ever-isolated Israel.

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