Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Israel Mistreats Palestinian Children?

Jerusalem Post Article

Nothing new in this piece, but articles like this should place pressure on Israel to change its policies. Sadly, this never happens. If Israel's behavior did not change after Goldstone, where it was revealed that 900 civilians were killed by the Israels, including > 300 Palestinian children, then it will likely never change. I found it curious that Palestinians face up to 20 years in prison for rock-throwing, while IDF soldiers, even when found guilty of an illegal killing of a Palestinian, get like 6 months in Israeli jail.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Israel and Peace

Guardian Article

Last week, Danny Danon said publicly what many Israelis refuse to utter, that Israel does not want a two-state solution. In reality, Israel wants more Palestinian land and an occupied neighbor to serve as a second-class labor force to be easily subjugated. Israel wants to continue its bullying techniques against ALL its neighbors, from Egypt to Lebanon to Syria, and then cry victim at the end of the day. Israel does not want to be hauled in front of the ICC by the Palestinians with the Goldstone Report in their hands, so it maintains this illusion of peace talks. At the end of the day, the discerning thinkers know better, as Israel's record of action is a truer measure of its intentions than the lip-service Israel pays to the US in terms of talks. Israel knows that a Palestinian state cannot exist that is occupied by a foreign army. And Israel's plans for Eretz Israel is still in full force, which is why the Israelis continue to build new settlements.

And with the Clintons, Bushes, and Obamas bowing down to kiss Israel's feet out of fear of AIPAC and threatened future campaign donations for their respective parties, this will not change until an American president grows a backbone.

So let's write and read more articles on the same nonsense...

Dick Cheney on Snowden and NSA Exposure

So every now and then Dick Cheney slithers out of his hole and offers Americans his take on certain things. The recent appearance of Darth Cheney is to call this Snowden kid a traitor, for exposing what our NSA does to its own citizens with respect to warrantless wiretapping, snooping, and spying on Americans. What Snowden exposed was that it was everyday Americans being monitored, not some homegrown potential terrorist that was being watched. And even when we have credible intel on who to watch, like the Boston bombers, there is certainly no guarantee of prevention of a crime. Cheney should realize that the reality now is simply the end-line result of the Patriot Act which his boss signed into law.

But a traitor?

For someone who surrounded himself with Libby, Perle, Wolfowitz, Abrams, the Wurmsers, Doug Feith and the other neocon filth that sold the war in Iraq to the American public on a pack of lies, concerted lies and disinformation, I would be hesitant to use such terms. Thousands of dead and wounded US soldiers, hundreds of thousands dead Iraqi "insurgents", millions of Iraqis displaced for what? To preserve the petro-dollar? All on a pack of lies that Cheney and his neocon ilk told to the American people for 2 years until they bought it. How much money did Halliburton and KBR make on this illegal occupation in Iraq? How many no-bid contracts did his former firm get? How many billions in profit does it take for Dick Cheney to call the actions justified?

What defines treason, Dick Cheney, and are you the best person to levy that charge against someone else, who simply exposed another governmental side-step of the Constitution?