Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Israel's War Crime Problem

NYT Article

I give credit to the NYT for running this article. Most other media outlets protect Israel when these reports come out, which they frequently do, by refusing to cover it.

And in the context of all these silly Senators and their opposition to Chuck Hagel's nomination, let's make the obvious point. The pro-Israel wing of the US Senate (which is around 90% of the Senate) is trying its best to rake Hagel over the coals on his statements about Israel and Iran, and this is done in the service of a country that is routinely found guilty of war crimes (Cast Lead/Goldstone report) by humans rights groups and the UN. What is wrong with this picture? McCain is up there trying to spin the surge as a success, even though he backed the lies that took us into war, war which we all recognize as a catastrophic blunder. Only the Israel zealots still claim that Iraq was justified. Why do we still listen to these Zionist neocon clowns? Why are they treated with such veneration? They have been wrong and dishonest and downright unpatriotic with their machinations, and now these same blowhards are trying to block Hagel's nomination, because he does not want to pursue another illegal and avoidable war with Iran for Israel's sake?

How I wish it were just a bad dream I could wake up from. How I wish I was just exaggerating the issue. How I wish Americans would just see this reality.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Modicum of Sanity on Chuck Hagel

Daily Beast Article

Peter Beinart has written a gem in this linked Daily Beast article. The accusations started the moment his name was offered as Secretary of Defense. His accusers have cheapened the meaning of anti-semitism by hurling the accusation at anyone who dares put the interests of the US above the interests of Israel. And into the shadows the accusers now move. We should not forget who his accusers are. We are sure to see their fallacious arguments again. Next time, the US general population should reject them outright with no delay.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Lyndsey Graham on Chuck Hagel

Daily Caller Article

Lyndsey Graham claims that Chuck Hagel will be the most antagonistic Secretary of Defense towards Israel in our nation's history. This poisoning of the well is obviously a logical fallacy, as are most things this idiotic demagogue says.

Graham says that Hagel is not in the mainstream of American political thought. Graham supported the lies that took us into Iraq, supports the lies that are being fed to the American people on Iran, believes that Israel is the poor, innocent victim in a tough neighborhood, and let's see, has accepted much money from AIPAC over the years.

I am sick and tired of US politicians mentioning the US-Israel relationship before asking the most crucial question : Is the decision good for America?

Note that the first argument made by Graham in this hatchet job is an argument for Israel's interests. If a US Senator puts Israel's interests first, then they are no longer serving this country and our Constitution. Sadly, this reality is so commonplace in Washington none dare call it what it truly is.

I hope Chuck Hagel wins the nomination, and Obama should nominate David Duke for Secretary of State to send a message to the most powerful lobby in Washington.

America should come first in these discussions. Period. End of story. People who put Israel first need to have a giant T branded on their forehead.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Will American Jewry Abandon Israel?

Haaretz Article

Bradley Burston has written an excellent article in Haaretz on this topic. It is a shame that there is ample debate on such topics in Israel, and yet in the US, discussions like this are taboo.

Israel has been a one-nation wrecking ball, and when its only friend tried to get it under control, Israel acted very disloyally and insanely defiantly in regards to the settlement expansions.