Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Monday, December 17, 2012

John Kerry : Is He good For Israel?

Daily Beast Article

I posted the other day about the crazed Zionist reaction to the possibility of Chuck Hagel being nominated for Secretary of Defense. Now John Kerry is the likely nominee for Secretary of State, and the Israel filters are beginning with questions like : Is he good for Israel? He once embarrassed Netanyahu. Kerry is critical of settlements. This is becoming surreal.

Is he good for the US? Will he resist being bludgeoned by AIPAC and its many minions? Will he work for the diplomatic interests of the US?

These are the better questions that should be raised.

Never mind that Netanyahu embarrassed Obama and Biden on settlements, and when Netanyahu addressed our Congress and received 31 standing ovations when his policy concerning the '67 borders was in opposition to the longstanding US position, I almost renounced my citizenship that day. What should have happened was that every clown in that Congressional hall that applauded this madman, who mind you said the 9-11 attacks were great for Israel two days after 9-11, should have been shot for disloyalty.

But these are different times, and remember that Israel is always the innocent defenseless morally-upright victim.

And I am a bowling ball.

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