Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Monday, December 03, 2012

Israel Rejects Criticism !

Globe and Mail Article

I love this article! France, the UK, Sweden, Norway, and perhaps Spain all called in their Israeli Ambassadors for a deserved scolding on Israel's UNILATERAL move to announce more settlement building. Last week, Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the the UN said with omniscience that "unilateral moves were counter-productive" . That is quite funny. And then Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State for the US said that the Palestinian bid at the UN for mere Observer status would deal a lethal blow to the peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians!!!! I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that one. Israel does not want peace. Israel does not desire peace. Shimon Peres once said of the Arab League proposals that 25 years prior to their introduction, that every Israeli leader would have leaped at the conditions. But Israel refused to meet and discuss the measures.  Last week, the Palestinians won a UNGA recognition of its basic rights, followed by the Israeli announcement the next day that it would expand its illegal settlements, that it would defy Oslo, the RoadMap, and every other norm of international law.  Where is the critical press? Where are the tough questions on why the most lawless member of the UN can continue to defy international law and get away with it?

Israel is currently being exposed for the colonialist and terrorist state that it is. Most nations with a conscience have criticized Israel's actions. But the US, ever waning in its global hegemony, continues to back and support and protect Israel at the UN.

One day, when the American sheeple are not so blinded, Americans will realize that Israel was behind : (1) the incredibly flawed decision to attack and invade and occupy Iraq  (2)  the Lavon affair   (3)   The USS Liberty attack   (4)  The assassination of JFK and (5)  The false flag operation on 9-11 !!!!

When they wake up from their technologically-induced slumber and mind-numbing propagandized comas and calibrate their moral compass to obvious injustices, which speak volumes to right versus wrong in any moral code known to humans, maybe then they will ask the correct questions.

Until this epiphany of the ignorant masses occurs, we are most certainly doomed ... by the Zionist Jewish bankers at the Fed and the Zionist Jewish movie-makers in Hollywood and the Zionist Media moguls who have carefully programmed the masses to support its Christian versus Islam agenda. They have wrested control of the "greatest democracy on Earth" . Your mind is their plaything.

Rise Up!

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