Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Israel Firsters Fear Chuck Hagel

Politico Article

Here come the Israel firsters, ranting about Chuck Hagel and his anti-Semitic feelings. Let's translate that last sentence sanely ; Chuck Hagel puts the US first and asks questions that make the Israel firsters cringe, like should we be letting Israel, through AIPAC, dictate our foreign policy in the Middle East? Since the Israel firsters cannot construct a valid response to this reasonable query, what do they do? Ad hominem attacks, coordinated character assassination, slander ad nauseam, etc. Chuck Hagel is a great American who served his country in Vietnam, who served his country in the US Senate. Are we not allowed to discuss obvious issues, even if they are contentious to a small-minded few that do not put America first? The point of having democratic free speech is for this reason exactly. The Israel firsters want a Gestappo type system, where if you do not agree with the Israel first agenda, then the Gestappo will hunt you down and slander your name all over the internet. They send out their thought police Zionazi minions to hijack the debate and shift the focus to Jewish suffering from reality. I was happy to read the comments at the end of the article. It seems that finally Americans are starting to connect the dots a bit.

And to all the Israel firsters mentioned in the article, just move to Tel Aviv, or Sderot, and take up a weapon and fight if you feel this strongly about putting Israel's interests above the US national interest. Quit tampering with our political process, and quit slandering good people for the sake of a dying ideology called Zionism.

The world, outside the narrow confines of US borders, recognizes Zionism for what it truly is : colonialism, racism, terrorism, and occupation all wrapped up into one truly nasty bundle.

But still so many governments, ours being the worst example, are politically and emotionally blackmailed into serving Israel, through massive lobbying, guilt trips extraordinaire, and threats.

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