Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ominous Statement from the FED

When the average consumer reads an article like this they might be inclined to think that appropriate planning is under way. What I know about the FED and its machinations makes me a lot more wary and paranoid. This is not just a simulation to be run to assess potential risk down the road.

Meanwhile at the grocery store today, the candy bar I paid 64 cents for a few weeks ago is now 74 cents. 10 cents on 64 does not like sound like a big deal, but that is a price increase of 15.6%. These gradual price increases over time represent a tax. The genesis of this tax is the FED, which distorts the value of money through inflation by printing unauthorized dollars and causing existing dollars to purchase less. This is all quite deliberate.

The FED wants to re-pay China and Japan, whom we owe more than $1 trillion each, China a bit more than Japan, with these cheapened dollars. China and Japan would like to dump the dollar but they cannot because they are in too deep.

And the results of the partial audit last year of the FED? We found out that $16 trillion was loaned out to banks during the bailout, many of which are foreign banks. And Goldman Sach's role in the Greek debt crisis is pretty damning.

Reports like this one are ominous indeed. The FED is up to no good as always, like when they stopped reporting M3 in 2006 because it showed the exponential increase of the money supply .... rising prices .... people get poorer .... banks buy troubled assets less than market values .... depressions are man-made to ensure profits for bankers.

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