Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Honest Media ... Des Moines Register

With CNN's transparent editing of the Ron Paul interview, and all the major media unleashing their Zionist neocon attack dogs on Ron Paul, it is refreshing to see the Des Moines Register publish an article that actually represents Americans, and not the corporations, or AIPAC, or the big bankers.

I think people are starting to see through the attacks. If Gingrich or Romney get the nomination, this country will die.

And how can Americans support a guy whose first move as President would be to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and who wants to attack Iran for the sake of Israel, or a guy who does a 180 on abortion just so he could run for the GOP nomination and developed a healthcare model now used by Obama, or someone who thinks Carbon Dioxide is a harmless gas and knows as much history as a typical 3rd grader, or someone who wanted to strip funding from any public university if professors at that university criticized Israel and lost his senate seat 59% - 41%, or someone who hunts at a camp called "Niggerhead" and accuses other people of racism?

Choices are seldom more simple. Continue down the same, tired, corrupt, bankrupt, morally dead path, OR try a new approach based on true ethical principles. Without media sponsorship of these other clowns in the race, they would be the crazy drunk at a bar spouting out hilarious and sad commentary.

Maybe the death of major media would be the first step for a recovery of this nation. Lies are so damaging, and propaganda is even more sinister because it is a coordinated effort to deceive masses of people. For 20th century America, it worked. Unbelievable how well it has worked. But now we need the enter the next phase.

Honest assessment, and find solutions free of greed, power, the lying media, and the corporate lobbyists.

Get your caucus on Iowa, lead the nation into a new era.


MOM said...

Exactly, 21st Century Americans are more savvy than their politicians think! That is why we will have a Ron Paul Presidency.

It makes me want to vomit that "they" continue to peg as Americans as being "stupid". We have awakened and we will nail their crony system in a coffin.

"The Sleeping Giant" of the American electorate has awakened to what our "oligarchy, self-enriching Congress have done to us".

Consequently, Ron Paul will be our next President!

MOM said...

The "establishment" pooh-poohed Reagan, as well. I attended a talk by Senator McCain in D.C., where he said that Reagan had swept through D.C. and no one could oppose his agenda because of the backing by his electorate.

We can do the same thing with an even more honest politician than Reagan...Ron Paul!

My French husband asked me: "What does electing Ron Paul do personally for me?" I replied, "He can undo the wrongs done to our liberty, he can make the "playing field" for all Americans more even; he can dump politicians (like Gingrich, who when elected had a net worth of $10,000 and exited worth $Millions). He really cannot help me too much, but I support him for helping the majority of Americans.