Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Friday, October 28, 2011

UN Vote Condemns US Sanctions on Cuba

These sanctions need to be lifted. It is ridiculous to maintain them. With the Bolivarian revolution in South America on firm footing, I do not know why the US stubbornly maintains sanctions on Cuba.

It has been 50 years. It only punishes civilians. Sanctions clearly have not worked nor will ever work. Plus the vote count was 186-2, and the yearly tally is almost always this lopsided. Another black eye on the image of the US in the international community....

When you cannot even get support from the Federated States of Micronesia, you should alter course!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Here We Go Again

This reads like a bad novel. More Jewish Senators pushing for conflict with Iran. Like Joe Lieberman, et al, did against Iraq, Feinstein is saying the case is a "dead bang". Sounds eerily familiar to George Tenet saying the evidence against Iraq on WMD's was a "slam dunk". This false claim was made famous by General Colin Powell at the UN when he made the case for war. He later resigned after he realized they had used him as a pawn.

Feinstein's husband sits on the Board of Directors of a big bank in California that received TARP funds, a measure she voted for. She ought to be in jail, not leading the charge.

This President and Congress are so hypocritical. The President just killed an American citizen by dropping a huge bomb on him in a foreign nation that we are not at war with. This President authorizes drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen claiming the highest moral authority. And now there is some flimsy evidence that a used-car salesman from Galveston is an Iranian super agent who was trying to arrange the assassination of the Saudi Ambassador to the US. If this could be proved, then it would merit consideration for Saudi Arabia to pursue action against Iran, not us. Our hands are tied with other illegitimate wars at the moment. And there is one snippet that jumps off the page in this article. Feinstein wants to sanction Iran's central bank to make it harder for Iran to clear its billions on oil contracts every month. Back to dollar hegemony and the Iranian bourse system.

When will Americans stop taking the bait, hook, line and sinker?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ron Paul's Speaking Time

No surprise here. Thanks go to the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota which conducted the study. It simply confirms what Paul followers know ; the media continues to ignore him even though he is in double digits in national polls. The media craft the questions within a certain range of topics and allow their "top-tier" candidates most time to respond, while allotting less time for the candidates they don't like or those candidates which are not pro-corporatism. The people should decide who will be the nominee, not the media or the corporate interests they serve. Why does the "greatest democracy" on the planet tolerate this?

Friday, October 07, 2011

Romney's FrontRunner Status Confirmed

This is why the media will maintain Romney's frontrunner status in the upcoming GOP nomination battles.

Israel already receives 40% of US foreign aid. Romney will increase that! Romney will recognize Israel as a Jewish state. 20% of Israeli citizens are Arabs, Christian and Muslim. They won't belong in Romney's idea of Israel.

And Romney is cranking up the war rhetoric on Iran, claiming that Iran is an existential threat against Israel. Amazing that a country will 200 nuclear weapons cannot defend itself. Israel is an existential threat to Iran.

But Romney is saying the right things to the Jewish groups and that will guarantee his ride to the finish line.

Totally surreal it is that a Mormon running for President of the US has to bow in deference to the Jewish lobby in Washington and recognize a foreign nation as a nation only for Jews just so he can suckle at the power teat in Washington DC. The greatest democracy that money and ass-kissing can buy!

But Perry, Bachmann and Cain will line up very soon and do the same thing. What a pathetically disgusting reality it is for American politics.