Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obama at the UN

What a joke his foreign policy on Israel has become. The Israelis announce a new housing project in East Jerusalem while Biden visits, in violation of the freeze. Netanyahu ignores past Israeli commitments to the '67 borders, and gets 31 standing ovations from the US Congress. Surreal it is that a foreign prime minister receives 31 standing ovations for highlighting his refusal to abide by international law from the US Congress. They applauded Netanyahu while he spit in Obama's eye.

Now Obama gives a speech at the UN in which he says the UN is not the proper forum. It was the proper forum in 1948 to ESTABLISH Israel. It was the proper forum to conclude that the lands seized in the '67 war were to be returned to the Palestinians. The "proper" forums of Camp David 1, Oslo, Camp David 2, Taba, Arab League Proposals all yielded what? Israeli intransigence and rejectionism. And the US has deceived its people that it should be the arbiter to mediate the issue. The solution has been known. The international consensus has been overwhelming in support of a Palestinian state.
And once again the US will expose its unconditional support for a state which does not abide by international law, commits massive war crimes, steals and occupies other people's lands, refuses to sign the NPT, commits extra-judicial assassinations of foreign nationals, spies on the US ad nauseam. When the US vetoes the UN Security Council resolution, it will be something like the 45th lone veto at the UNSC in its protection of Israel. Obama caved in to AIPAC. Through it all we see that no American President ever wins against AIPAC. No senator or congressperson. It is clear to me because of this cancer on our system, we are very much under the boot of Israel. When the US President has to follow orders and give a speech on an issue that he disagrees with the Israelis on, that is a true measure of how pathetic it has become.

I prefer the Obama who said that no people has suffered like the Palestinians have suffered. Of course he said this when he was a state senator of Illinois and friends with Rashid Khalidi. This was before the political machine chewed him up and spit him out as a dedicated Zionist whore.

AIPAC has this president, the US Congress, and look at the GOP nominees Perry, Romney and Bachmann in a hysterical effort to forge a stronger resume on Israel than the other candidates. So bye bye Miss American pie ...

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