Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Friday, July 01, 2011

US Senate Pushes to Freeze Palestinian Aid

It seems to me that the US Senate SHOULD HAVE pushed for a freeze on Israeli aid when the Goldstone commission released its final report concluding that Israel used disproportionate force, targeted civilians, committed de facto war crimes, but our noble Senate did not. They sat on their hands. But now they boldly show up to disrupt a bid from the Palestinians to have their own state. The reason the Palestinians are going to the UN is that direct negotiations with Israel over the past 3 decades has produced what? More land of theirs stolen, more of their homes demolished, more of their people imprisoned in Israel without charges. And with all of the problems in the US right now, these assholes in the US Senate ought to be concerned with US governance, not the desperate Palestinians trying to establish a quasi-state on land that used to be theirs.

Gotta love the ever-idiotic statement by Harry Reid: The US does not give money to terrorists! The biggest recipient of US foreign aid is Israel!!!!!!

And finally there is AIPAC, which lobbied for the bill's passage. Always there in the spotlight or in the limelight, corrupting the US Congress with their meddling.

Somebody wake me up when the next revolution starts.


MOM said...

What an idiot group AIPAC is. The world is finally finding out how idiotic it is, thanks to the internet. If that group had one iota of anything just, it would try to present a balanced view of the real situation in Palestine. It never, ever does. I would love to hear Mark Twain's comments on this scenario.

scottie said...

AIPAC is not stupid. It is very cunning. I do not think we should underestimate its success. A group of foreign nationals has essentially hijacked policy in an important area of the world and made our Congress fear what they can do if people speak out, like Paul Findley, Pete McCloskey,Cynthia McKinney, Fritz Hollings (after he retired), Thomas Moran, and William Fulbright. The question to ask, if you consider AIPAC's actions in the larger construct of the power politics, is why would AIPAC change? Its unwillingness to budge illustrates its confidence in its ability to control the situation entirely and carefully set the parameters of the discussion so that its control will continue.

I hate AIPAC, but dumb it is not.