Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Don't you think the candidates ought to discuss issues that affect the US? Each candidate, according to this author, will try to outdo the other in regards to their pro-Israel positions. Former NYC mayor Ed Koch said the most important issue for him for deciding who to vote for is their position on Israel. Am I living in the US or have we all been secretly transported to Tel Aviv?


MOM said...

Do you think that candidates should discuss...anything without the approval of the powers that be who control them? That is the question. When Ron Paul came within 152 votes of winning in Iowa against Bachmann, home-girl, and the Washington Post's Headline the next day: Bachmann wins Iowa and Pawlenty comes in third. DUH! No mention of second and very close candidate, Ron Paul. At least Jon Stewart had the honesty to comment about this!

We live in a "democracy"? I think not. The field is entirely controlled.

MOM said...

And furthermore, all of the major news networks on the day after said the very same thing about Ron Paul...very strange. Who are they parroting? I have shivers running down my spine. If one person is controlling all of the major networks, who is this person?

scottie said...

It is not a single person of course. But politically, the owners of the mainstream media companies have similar policy positions when it comes to the relationship between the government and US corporations and foreign policy. So it seems like it is one, but the truth is on these 2 big issues, the agenda is basically uniform, and journalism has nothing to do with either.