Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Friday, July 08, 2011

Rosenberg is Dead On

I agree with Rosenberg in his article from the Huffington Post. When the rejectionist camp realizes the wisdom in this type of rational thought offered by Rosenberg, perhaps they will come to their senses. The real question is why our Congress kowtows so cowardly to AIPAC's agenda. We all know why, but will it ever end?

If the Israelis continue their rejectionism and expansionism, with US support of course, then eventually both people will be merged into one state. I would not call it the one-state solution because the Israelis would never agree to the terms, big surprise. It will just happen unless the Israelis are willing to just exterminate 6 million Palestinians who are growing at a faster rate than the Israelis. In the racist state of Israel, this larger birthrate of the Palestinians is called euphemistically the "demographic problem".

The one-state solution will not be here tomorrow or the next day, but I think it is the most likely final scenario. And once it happens then no longer will Israel have to debate whether Israel will be a Jewish state or a democratic state. It is clear it won't be both.


MOM said...

But if Israel wants to continue to treat Palestinian-Israelis as second-class citizens, as it does now, how is Rosenberg "Dead On"?

scottie said...

Rosenberg is dead-on with his analysis that Israel's actions now will lead to its downfall later. Continuing to reject a two-state solution will eventually force the one-state solution on everybody. His point is that if Israel truly wants its own state, identity and borders, then stop rejecting the basic terms of the two-state settlement and quit letting the hawkish right-wing extremists of the Zionist wing (AIPAC likudniks) dictate terms to the US Congress.

MOM said...

And we leave Israel afterward to decide what is good for the Palestinians in their one-state? Not a good scenerio when all of the racist laws are in place to deprive Palestinian-Israelis of their rights.