Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Israel Kills Protesters

The Obama admin harshly criticized Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and Libya in their aggressive, brutal and bloody treatment of unarmed protesters. The question is what type of rhetoric will come from the same admin when it is Israel that is doing the killing.

I guarantee a different angle is taken, one that says a nation's territorial integrity must be obeyed ... even if that territory is illegally held since 1967 (the Golan heights).

Every time Israel has a chance to show the world how "moral" its army truly is, what does it do? It kills innocent civilians aboard a flotilla designed to break an illegal siege of 1.5 million people. It kills 900 civilians, including 400 children, and is charged and found guilty of war crimes during Operation Cast Lead. It never ceases to amaze the absolute cold-blooded nature of the IDF killing machine when other nation's civilians are involved. But when others do it to them, the poor innocent victim card is played! If the word double-standard is sought in a dictionary, it should read "see also Israel".


Margaret Mayer said...

What will the US say?

a) nothing - pretend it didn't happen
b) demand an investigation and when it submits its report condemn it
c) give more military aid to right to protect it's border against "terrorists" armed with rocks

scottie said...

Thank you for your comments Margaret. I take it from your comments that you follow this issue closely.

If the leader of one of the other countries that recently slaughtered protesters visited the US Congress and gave a speech I am fairly certain that standing ovations would not be given. But when Netanyahu gives a speech to the US Congress, 31 standing ovations are given. Sadly, the slaughter of Palestinians does not matter to these charlatans who "lead" our Congress, whether it is Operation Cast Lead or these murders along the Syrian border. But the question is what do we do until the disgraceful influence that AIPAC wields (like a weapon) is thoroughly exposed to the US public. I wish I knew the answer.

MOM said...

Every response that is contrary to the status quo in the U.S. is "lost in space". Agreed, Margaret Mayer!ah

Yeah, terrorists with rocks from Palestinians are so much more potent than rockets from Israel (given by the U.S.)! La Di Dah.