Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Congress Bows In Deference

To the Israeli agenda. Look at the comments made by Brownback. How much did AIPAC pay him? Look at Lieberman trying to seize the reins and calm the out of control horse. How these Congressional whores speak for another country and publicly criticize the White House and still keep their jobs is amazing to me.
This approaches the surreal. The original plans were for 50,000 units. Only 1600 were approved. Which of those nimrods tried to trivialize the illegality of such a move by labeling it a "zoning issue in Jerusalem".

That's mind boggling.

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MOM said...

We need to have a national referendum to call for a national election to boot all of these people out of Congress! We need to make all lobbies illegal, as well. We need to stop subsidizing elections with our tax dollars. We need to ban all government officials and their spouses from investing in government contracts domestically and internationally. (If a government official was CEO of Halliburton, for instance, like Cheney, he should forfeit all of his benefits from that company BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO BE VICE-PRESIDENT. His stock options made multi-millions and he "promised" to donate these options, but I have not seen anywhere that he actually ever did, and since he is no longer VP, he never will.)

We should prohibit any Congress person or the President from investing in illegal settlements in Israel or in defense contractors who sell their goods to Israel.

We should require that all children of Congress be initiated into the military if that body declares war against another nation and we should throw that Congress person in jail if he allows his kids to emigrate to Canada. I would call this: "Draft the Brats of Congress."

These people need to learn that they are servants of "We the People."