Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goldstone Attacked the Jews at the Synagogue !

The Likud MP who makes the statement that the attack was a result of the Goldstone report is a complete boob and demagogue. I am so sure that a 17 year old black youth with a hoodie read the 576 page report and was so incensed he went straight to this synagogue and attacked these 2 people.


MOM said...

This follows the usual pattern of "attack the messenger" when they don't like what the messenger says. I prefer Finkelstein's posture on Goldstone, however. There was not a war; there was an invasion and a massacre. Hamas does not have fighter bombers, missiles that can be fired from ships, white phosphorus bombs, tanks, armored personnel carriers, etc. As there were no conditions of "war", trying Israel for "war crimes" is a very watered down scenerio for what really happened in Gaza last December and January...the rogue State of Israel should be tried for crimes against humanity and mass murder.

scottie said...


But you the entire evolution of Goldstone being involved with this investigation is revealing.

He was asked to do it. He said only if he were allowed to expand the mandate to cover Hamas and its contraventions of international law as well.

What was the Israeli stance when a lifelong Zionist and Jew lobbies to get the mandate to cover ALL war crimes? They were firmly backing his selection.

This honorable man divorced himself from his personal beliefs and ethnicity and married himself to the duty of fulfilling the mission and the Israelis quickly discovered that some people choose to have integrity despite ideologies, what did they do to him?

They smeared him.
They slandered him.
They misrepresented him.
They attacked him.
They tried to discount him.
They insulted him.
They tried to change the laws which govern warfare !

But what I know is that they cannot escape his report.

As desperately as they will try. For the first time the Jewish State is realizing that it is losing the battle from within.

But what does Obama and Clinton now do? They rush to the Likudniks side and make empty statements like "Israeli concessions are UNPRECEDENTED"

The US government is more pro-Israel than Jews who have a conscience.

That is why Finkelstein was right when he said Zionism is dying. It is. See the next post. Puts another exclamation point on this post.

scottie said...

put a "see" in between "you" and "the" in the 2nd line from my comment ....

but you see the entire ....

MOM said...

I applaud his courage and I hate that he is being attacked by our politicians who certainly know the score in that part of the world. 'Wish there were more Baird's and Paul's in Congress!