Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Inside the Honduran Coup

The SOA at it again. I thought that US interference in Latin America would move away from our old agendas and policies, but after reading this article, there is a common denominator between this Honduran coup and old coups in the past in Latin America.

To learn more of the why, check out "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"


MOM said...

It seems that nothing has changed from "Banana Republic" days. How could we have supported Dole and United Fruit at the expense of our neighbors? I don't understand our stupid policies...We have much more to gain from being "friends" with our Central and South American neighbors than we have to gain from being a "friend" with Israel, and, by God, it would cost us less!

wdporter said...

I must confess, Scottie. I simply don't believe you have the full picture here. Do you think it's relevant that:

a) Zelaya violated some very core and clear principles of the Honduran constitution

b) that Vasquez did not take over as President, but the President of the Congress did (a member of Zelaya's own party) after a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court to remove Zelaya as President.

I'm not saying it's pure and angellic, but even the OAS website acknowledges that Democratic elections are not enough; indeed that other Constitutional protections are necessary for a free society to exist. Just because the UN supports Zelaya doesn't make him right. There are plenty of indications that the "coup" was quite lawful (even though even the new Government seems to acknowledge that Zelaya's exile could be considered unlawful).

I would encourage you to expand your resources beyond John Perkins or Democracy Now.

scottie said...

You caught me Butch. All I do is read Democracy Now and pass off their arguments as my own !

What a pathetic comment you chose to end your post with.

I doubt seriously you know how many news sources I sift through to find my posts, but I do not feel energized enough to bother telling you.

People will think what they want.

Given the history of the SOA and its legendary involvement with training eventual coup leaders in the Americas, how can you possibly dismiss this episode as an exception to the rule?

By my own admission, I told you that I had not followed this issue closely as I have been very busy with summer courses, but when I finish this upcoming week and I have a few weeks off, I will delve into the issue and perhaps change my tune, or perhaps my intuition will be validated.

I will use your rendition of the facts as my starting point, and I will go from there. I will post anew when I have something noteworthy to say.

Until then,

best wishes.

wdporter said...

Sincerest apologies for the sources comment. I could have chosen different words. I could have said you "acted stupidly." ;o)

I understand you go through a lot of sources, but my assumption was you would have gone through a lot of sources on THIS post as well, since you posted on the topic after I mentioned I wanted your opinion on it.

The SOA thing is a straw man argument, and you know this, and instead of pointing this out I wanted to take the opportunity to make fun of John Perkins and Democracy Now.

Anyway I value your opinion, but the article you cited doesn't even talk about the issue itself, but instead a whole barrage of historical stuff.

Hey, man, I've "phoned in" posts before with resources that slant in my ideological direction, so I'm not judging.

Hope your summer (and your golf game) goes well. Keep in touch.

scottie said...

it's ok. i am used to being attacked !

not much golf for me.

still grading papers.

but i am almost done and will soon have a few weeks off so i keep putting it off, but out of necessity.

i promise i will post on this issue later.

CeeGee said...

It's no surprise that the neoconservatives are fully supportive of the coup in Honduras. And you're right, it's the same business that's been going on for sixty years over there.

Speaking of John Perkins, I'm having him on my radio show to talk about that book next month.

scottie said...

Awesome. What show is that? I'd like to tune in.


CeeGee said...

The Faux Radio Show. Feel free to listen in at http://blogtalkradio.com/fauxradioshow. I'll let you know when the show is, if you're interested!

scottie said...

sure . i'd love to listen to it. thanks!

CeeGee said...

John Perkins will be on the show on Thursday, September 17, at 4 PM eastern, where we'll talk for a half-hour about "Confessions," and his latest book, "The Secret History of the American Empire."

You can find the link to the show via the link below. And if you forget to catch it live, it'll be recorded on the archive, so no worries!


scottie said...

Awesome! Thanks CeeGee
I will definitely check it out.