Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Of Course the Israelis Will Escape War Crimes Prosecutions

How do the Israelis escape war crimes prosecutions always? In this instance, by blocking the investigation, even though there is ample evidence of war crimes without Israeli corroboration. It also does not hurt the Israeli position that a Jew with close ties to Israel heads the division of the UN responsible for prosecuting war crimes. Perhaps Mr. Goldstone can be impartial, but using Avigdor Lieberman's logic, we would have to put an asterisk on this investigation which stinks of protecting Israel's reputation.

If war crimes can be prosecuted in Rwanda and Yugoslavia, then with the video evidence on Gaza and testimony from Red Cross workers, Israeli soldiers who admit they targeted all civilians, Palestinian civilians, the use of white phosphorus illegally (captured in photographs), the use of DIME's, a case could be easily made.

Liars and murderers and thieves are God's Chosen People? If that is the case then I want nothing to do with that God.

One last point : Israel claims that only 1100 some Palestinians were killed while the UN and Palestinian human rights group put the number at >1400. It is interesting to note how the Israeli and the Zionist zealots in the US react when death tolls are questioned in the Holocaust. They are labeled deniers and anti-semites, blah blah blah. But when the Israelis change the numbers on dead Palestinians they are just being concerned with accuracy? Please. Oops. I forgot, we must not compare the Holocaust to any other human event. It is unique in its evil.

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MOM said...

And what's even more disgusting is what I heard and believe to be true that more than 100,000 Israelis immigrate each year, having their passports ready and waiting when they land in NY, and they still get to be Israelis! I am a dual national, too, but I would never put the interests of my second country above the interests of the U.S. and it seems that all Israeli immigrants put the interests of Israel above those of the U.S. Maybe they are jumping ship (from Israel), but make them give up their financial interests in the illegal settlements in Israel before allowing them to affect our policies for that country! As I have said before, their investments in illegal settlements are subsidized by US, so they have a no-lose situation by buying condos in areas stolen from Palestinians! If they stand to lose $180,000 for each condo, they will stop buying them!~ DUH DUH DUH Are our elected officials so dumb that they don't know this? Or are they gaining money by investing in the illegal settlements, too? I think the latter is the case.