Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grab Your Pitchforks!

This is all we need, expanded powers at the Federal Reserve.

If a book were written on what not to do to have a healthy economy, the author could simply write the history of 20th century with this unconstitutional body of central bankers, quasi-federal but stocks are privately held. The web they weave ...

Invocation of State Security to Protect Settlers

The decision to withdraw the case because the "privileged" information could compromise state security is a joke. The settlers instigated this incident, and then the shooter shot 3 unarmed people. And the video was given to the Israeli authorities. Just another pitiful example of Israeli settlers being protected by the Israeli judicial system. And the Israelis claim their justice system is the best!

Shameful bias.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Jane Harman .... American Traitor Whore

This is just another installment of a disturbing pattern of Israeli espionage and influence-peddling, although the last term is a euphemistic rendering of the actual corruption.

Will Americans ever really know how powerful AIPAC is or what evil it has done in the name of protecting a racist state?

I hope so and doubt it simultaneously.

Hank Greenberg and AIG Fraud

With the suit against Greenberg and his impending testimony, Americans might learn how such a huge company could be defrauded, not out of millions, but out of billions.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Brave Act

This Israeli man acted very bravely to save the house of some Bedouin Palestinians in Hebron. What right do these soldiers have to demolish this home? And then they have the demonic impulse to smile and laugh after their deed is done? It is sickening to watch this behavior then see how my senators and congresspeople here in the US reward this behavior with free tax dollars and UN protections.

God's Chosen?

Peter Schiff Explains the Economic Reality

In CLEAR terms unlike Bernanke who speaks Greenspeak fluently. What's next? Well just watch.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fed Secrecy May One Day End

This needs more than mere discussion. The measure needs to pass at a later date so Americans can see how their savings are being stolen and the country impoverished. What I want to know is what is taking the other House members so long to get on board, if they truly have the best interest of the USA in mind!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Max Blumenthal Interviews Drunk Israelis on Obama

Interesting to learn the young Israeli/Jewish American take on Obama's Cairo speech. I wish I was doing this interview. I would love to ask the people on this video more questions.

Of Course the Israelis Will Escape War Crimes Prosecutions

How do the Israelis escape war crimes prosecutions always? In this instance, by blocking the investigation, even though there is ample evidence of war crimes without Israeli corroboration. It also does not hurt the Israeli position that a Jew with close ties to Israel heads the division of the UN responsible for prosecuting war crimes. Perhaps Mr. Goldstone can be impartial, but using Avigdor Lieberman's logic, we would have to put an asterisk on this investigation which stinks of protecting Israel's reputation.

If war crimes can be prosecuted in Rwanda and Yugoslavia, then with the video evidence on Gaza and testimony from Red Cross workers, Israeli soldiers who admit they targeted all civilians, Palestinian civilians, the use of white phosphorus illegally (captured in photographs), the use of DIME's, a case could be easily made.

Liars and murderers and thieves are God's Chosen People? If that is the case then I want nothing to do with that God.

One last point : Israel claims that only 1100 some Palestinians were killed while the UN and Palestinian human rights group put the number at >1400. It is interesting to note how the Israeli and the Zionist zealots in the US react when death tolls are questioned in the Holocaust. They are labeled deniers and anti-semites, blah blah blah. But when the Israelis change the numbers on dead Palestinians they are just being concerned with accuracy? Please. Oops. I forgot, we must not compare the Holocaust to any other human event. It is unique in its evil.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Obama Hut

This article from the Jerusalem Post exposes some clearly racist views from the settlers who wish to expand their ILLEGAL claim to Palestinian lands. Note the defiant attitudes that the settlers have, completely forgetting that it is US tax dollars which fund this illegality.

And the comments that follow this piece show how ignorant Zionists really are and how much they want the historical record to simply be forgotten.

If the Israelis want to follow their own path, fine. Make the check out to the Citizens of the USA for about $100 billion. Otherwise stop pissing down our back and telling us that it is raining. Their lawlessness had to end one day.

I am still not sold on Obama's speech or his intentions. And given our disastrous path domestically, I do not have much cause for optimism. But keep an eye on these Israeli extremists. Yigal Amir killed Rabin when peace offers were made. Mossad ops have targeted Americans before and will again. Keep an eye open ...

Ha'aretz Article on Obama's Speech

Very reasonable and pragmatic take on the Obama speech in Cairo and what the Israeli government must now consider.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Paul Craig Roberts on the Bailout/Stimulus/Nail in the Coffin

I learned a lot while reading this detailed essay by Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. I hope you do as well.

Nader on GM

Was every avenue exhausted in the GM ordeal? NO, Ralph Nader says in this piece, and he makes some very good points as usual.

Obama's Car Czar

Another one of God's Chosen People in charge of crucial financial decisions in our country. Geithner, Bernanke, Orszag, Summers, Rubin, etc etc etc

Gentiles need to open up an economic school on the power of the barter system and how to match currency production with industrial production, which does not adversely affect prices and cuts these Jewish bankers/counterfeiters out of the loop.

This practice mobilized them for action once last century and directed their ire at Hitler. Because that system was working it threatened their credit monopoly. Hence the Jewish declaration of war on Germany in 1933, 2 years prior to the Nuremberg Laws, and 5 years prior to Kristallnacht.

Israel Dismisses US Demands But Then ....

They want some new fighter jets ! Are the Israeli leaders so screwed in the head they don't see the ridiculous nature of this request.? On one hand they are drawing a line in the sand on ILLEGAL settlements, which is not wise, and then they have the temerity to ask for more US tax-dollar gifts of fighter planes?

Netanyahu says Obama's demands are not reasonable. So let me get this straight. For 42 years Israel has been illegally occupying the West Bank. Who protects Israel from censure and sanctions at the UN? The US does. And what effect does this have on our ties with the Arab World? Obviously it hurts our other ties. But when a policy seems to be shifting, the Israelis become adamant.

It is clear to me what needs to happen, given the amount of aid we give Israel every year. A good analogy would be an out of control kid who never heeds his parents' demands, shows disrespect, tries to intimidate his parents, does what he wants, and then says "can i have some money to go drink beer with my buddies?"

What would a parent do to this kid. 30 years ago the parents would have kicked his little ass. Today the punishment should be to lock the little turd in his room until he learns to behave more respectfully.

If Israel does not want to follow the rule of law, then so be it. Aid ends, UN protection ends, and Israel has to deal with the consequences of its actions.

I hope this Obama admin is not bluffing on this issue. It is high time a US admin confronts the Israeli government over the policies that drag our image down with their amoral actions.