Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

UN says Israel Blocks Humanitarian Aid ...

While the US Congress pats itself on its proverbial shoulder on supporting Israel's destruction of the Gaza even though the entire world, except for the US, has condemned the disproportionate and immoral actions of the IDF enforcing the political agenda of the Israelis who sought this war to preempt peace initiatives by the Palestinians, the cameras clearly show that it is the Palestinians who suffer, not the Israelis.

Avigdor Lieberman is a racist terrorist. Benyamin Netanyahu is a racist Apartheid-supporting terrorist menace. But Tzipi Livni is a moderate who is the daughter of a racist terrorist member of the Irgun who killed innocent British and innocent Jews in the King David Hotel bombing.

But the US media, the US government, and pro-Israel think-tanks (which have constant access to the mainstream media) will have us believe that it is the Palestinians, whose land was stolen in '48 and '67, and whose land continues to be stolen today, that are the problem ! Any man women or child who would not stand up and defend their soil against foreign intruders is suspect. But here we have a situation in which the victims are supposedly the victimizers, and truth is inverted on its head. But Americans lollygag their way through reality regurgitating platitudes that would make an Israeli intellectual blush with shame, and nothing out of the norm is reported in the US presses. But around the world, the entire world can condemn Israeli actions, rightfully so, but here in the US, under the vast propaganda umbrella, everything is different because Americans buy hook, line and sinker the standard Israeli bullshit. At what point do good Americans ask the quintessential question : Why do we support a racist,lawless and terrorist state to our national detriment? I mean really people, is it so hard to fathom? Do right, or the the consequence of doing wrong will catch up with you eventually and destroy you.

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MOM said...

Again, the article references "think tanks". "Septic tanks" is the more accurate term to describe them.