Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hillary Tough on Israel?

The Jewish Zionists are mad at Hillary because she said publicly that Israel ought to speed up aid entry into Gaza? If we stop and think on that idea for a moment, it is an absolutely astonishing stance for these Jewish Zionists to take. Palestinians in Gaza are dying because Israel destroyed their homes, and international aid is being stopped at the border because of Shalit, and Zuckerman et al say Hillary is wrong to say aid shipments ought to speed up. This is the real agenda folks. Kiss the ass of the Zionists or you will be attacked for your disloyalty if you do not. They loved her when she gave speeches to AIPAC but even a slightly critical tone on this new issue causes Jewish Zionists to re-think their opinion of her? How nice would it be if all of the Zionists in the US could be put on a boat and sent to Israel to live so we would not have to be railroaded into their bullshit causes over here? Rahm Emanuel ought to be the captain of this boat.

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MOM said...

Way to go, Hillary! I didn't think you had the "guts" to stand up to them, and I am not sure that you won't back down later from their pressure, but for the moment "Je suis fiere de toi"!