Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now the Hospitals Are Under Attack by the Israelis

Were it not Israel doing this I would be at a loss for words. Given their history of targeting civilians and having "accidents" this comes as no surprise really. I prognosticate that Israel will say Hamas was firing weapons from within these hospitals. Sickening display. I think all nations with an ounce of courage should sever diplomatic ties with Israel, especially the US. Israel is worse today than Apartheid South Africa ever was.

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MOM said...

So far 3 U.N. schools have been targeted and attacked by Israel. One of the officials inside one of the schools had given the GPS coordinates of the school to Israeli officials to make sure it was not attacked and then it was immediately attacked afterward. I think that the U.N. should expel Israel from its ranks. If an American Consulate or Embassy was attacked because "Israel says there may be Hamas inside", we would, hopefully, expel their ambassador from the U.S., at least. The U.N. should have the power to expel the Israeli Ambassador and cut off diplomatic relations with that country. The U.N. depot, which stored humanitarian aid for Palestinians, was attacked and burned. Several hospitals have been attacked.

If Israel thinks that these latest escapades are making its borders safer, they should think again. They are stirring up the hatred of the entire world EXCEPT US, of course. We continue to keep our heads stuck in the sand. At least American officials should have the decency to defend the U.N. and this is something that is not happening.