Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mark Regev Hits an All-Time Low

I have seen Mark Regev lie and spin more times than I care to recount, but in this small clip he truly hits an all-time low. Israel says ad nauseam that Hamas uses Palestinians as human shields, but the Israelis shoot anyway, so it is not much of a shield when the Israelis bomb schools, hospitals, UN compounds, houses where it ordered those fleeing to shelter, etc. But to suggest that Hamas killed many of its own for political purposes is not just amoral, it is monstrous.


MOM said...

I would like to make an observation about Gaza:

Gaza Strip is about 140 square miles in land area, 25 miles long by 5.6 miles wide. To compare this to the Atchafalaya Basin: The area of the Atchafalaya Basin is 3000 square miles (150 miles by 20 miles). The Atchafalaya Basin is 21.4 times larger.

In the 140 square miles of Gaza live 1,500,000 people. That is roughly 10,700 people per square mile. If you put the same 1.5 million people in the Atchafalaya Basin, you would have 500 people per square mile.

Gaza has been pounded on the West in the Mediterranean Sea by Israeli gunboats. Israeli ships, even before the attack, patrolled the Mediterranean. There is a barrier between Gaza and Egypt. The rest of Gaza is surrounded a triple barrier of 22-feet high concrete walls (which are equipped with sensors and remote-controlled machine guns), and all access gates into Gaza are guarded by Israel Defense Forces with tanks.

Gaza is a desert. Its only source of water is an aquifer, which has not been sufficient to supply the people living there. Israel controls all shipments of food into Gaza. It regularly withheld these shipments to Gaza before its attack.

Can anyone understand the slaughter pen of Gaza into which the Israelis launched high-tech missiles from the Mediterranean, dropped phosphorus bombs (supplied by us --thank the Lord Greece stopped one of these shipments!) from airplanes and helicopters, and launched missiles from the North into Gaza?

Can anyone understand why Egypt did not allow an outlet for the people to escape by razing the wall on its border?

Can anyone understand why our media and our political leaders are silent?

Can anyone understand how Israel could be outraged at Pope Benedict's recent statement:

"Let's look at the conditions in the Gaza Strip: these increasingly resemble a big concentration camp."

MOM said...

The latest:

An Israeli spokeswoman, a Major, says that only 400 Palestinians have been killed and all of them were Hamas! Give me a break! They are so good that they know every Hamas person and they know how to individually target each one. It defies comprehension the blatant lies that these people tell in the name of "propaganda".

scottie said...

It is a big concentration camp and the Israelis want to punish the people living inside. The Israelis learned from the Nazis quite well.

Major Lubavitch made those comments. BBC says 95 Hamas soldiers dead, 1100 civilians dead. Israel : 10 soldiers dead, 4 civilians dead, and 3 of the Israeli soldiers killed were killed by friendly fire. Whom does one believe, the BBC and B'tSelem or Major (Goebbels) Lubavitch?

But can you believe that Mark Regev implied that Hamas killed its own people to play the pity card?

MOM said...

He is searching....obviously, for a reason to believe in Israel.