Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Heddy Epstein Interviewed by Clueless American Boob

How clueless can a person be? When Epstein told the story about 5 sisters being killed and the 6th lost both of her legs, what did this idiot say? Well you know, do you think there will ever be peace in the Middle East? That is the reply of a Nazi. And this same idiot should know there are MANY Jewish groups worldwide that have taken a courageous stand with respect to the Gaza, and for him to suggest that this one lady, very principled and moral lady, is all alone in her criticism is indeed irresponsible.

Thank you Heddy Epstein.


MOM said...

I saw the video of Heddy Epstein a week ago. Bravo, Heddy! Bravo, Norman Finkelstein! Bravo, Noam Chomsky! Bravo, Gerald Kaufman! (British MP who has been lambasted by Jewish groups the world over for his speech to British Parliament).

No justice-no peace!

MOM said...

After reading today's headlines, the Arab boycott of Starbucks seems to be working already.

More interesting reading:

Coca-Cola plans to build a plant that will employ 700 Israelis in Qiryat Gat (sometimes called Kiryat), land stolen from Palestinians. Intel already has a plant there.

The history:

Egypt and the Palestinians managed to hold the land in the Al-Faluja area until after the war in 1948. Egypt agreed to withdraw its forces only if the safety and property of the Palestinian Arabs was preserved. Israel agreed and this agreement became an annex to UN agreements. Within days after the agreement, the Israelis began terrorizing the Palestinian population until they fled. (documented in memos of the Israeli foreign minister at the time, Moshe Sharett).

'Better not buy stocks in Coke, either.

wdporter said...

"Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?" is a reply of a Nazi?

Wow. OK. Yeah, the guy kind of looks like a boob, but he has time constraints, cut him some slack.

They let her on, didn't they? Instead of praising their open-mindedness you call them Nazis? Why? Because it has a Fox logo in the bottom left corner?

Absolutely nothing against Ms. Epstein, but I just don't get your absolute and utter disdain for anything that even questions your world-view, or TOUCHES your world-view, or even looks at it funny.

It's really sad.

Hooray, Finkelmsky!!!

scottie said...

Yes that is the reply of a Nazi. Why could the guy simply not say what a tragedy had occurred? But as soon as the criticism was directed at Israel instead of Hamas, this tool tries to obfuscate the issue by reverting to some tired lie that peace is somehow unattainable. It completely misses the point as I see that you have completely missed the point.

I never saw FoxNews in the screen, and I did not criticize the guy on a basis if where he works but on a basis of his whole attitude throughout the interview.

Sure they let her own the show Butch, but the guy made it seem like she was the ONLY Jew in the world speaking out on Israel's atrocities, which is very misleading. If you had read my other posts on the Gaza you would understand this point better.

If you think I am sad to criticize people who act stupidly (willfully) then that is your prerogative. Me, I think that if you are going to interview people on certain issues, at least you ought to educate yourself (just a wee bit) on those issues.
What you are unwilling to do is actually compare this "journalist" with real journalists who actually question the standard Israeli line of bullshit, like the BBC, or Euronews, or TV Monde, etc. The Gaza operation was condemned by the entire world, and yet here in the states, the attitude is that the Israelis get a carte blanche to kill 400 children, 700 civilians, bomb 3 hospitals, 2 UN compounds, the only university in Gaza, mosques, herds 100 people into a building one day tells the Palestinians to stay in that building then bomb the same building the next day killing 46, use white phosphorus as a weapon, all the while using Hamas rockets (which killed 4 Israelis in this round of fighting and 11 in the last 6 years total) as a pretext to target civilians even though Israel violated the terms of the cease-fire first.

Is this attitude and agenda OK with you? I put it to you and leave it with you.

scottie said...

2 typos : "on" the show not "own" the show

"of" where he works not "if" where he works.

wdporter said...

All I'm saying Scottie is this guy, although he could be perceived as a "boob" and if you wanted, you could even portray him as "incompetent" or "ignorant" (the "it'll surprise you 'cause she's actually Jewish" comment being the most telling).

But you have no evidence from this interview that he is a NAZI, or that he is antagonistic to the Palestinian cause or the interviewee.

He didn't interrupt her, he didn't talk over her, but he asked a simple, generic, blah question that journalists ask in order to close out an interview. And she answered it. This looks like a morning news show. He didn't have 45 minutes with her, he had 4.

scottie said...

I never meant a Nazi literally. But when a Holocaust survivor tells the journalist that 5 little sisters were killed and the 6th sister lost her legs and the guy responds by implying there will never be peace, it strikes me as callous, whether intended or not.

I agree with you he was rather benign (except for his quick subject change from an obvious tragedy) and he didn't seem like he was pushing any agenda ; it seemed as if he were just clueless.

But most interviews are 4 or 5 minutes blurbs where no real message can get presented in its entirety, sort of like our presidential debates. So that's nothing new.

But what I would like to see from people and journalists and reporters and even the partisans are clear statements of their positions (you included). If one thinks that Israel is justified in its "defense" claim even if it means killing 700 Palestinian civilians then that should be stated. If one's position is that Israel violated war crimes and responded disproportionately then that should be voiced. If someone does not know something about the subject then say hey, you know what, my opinion is still being formed and i haven't solidified any stances yet.

This way we know where people stand, what differences they have, what commonalities they share, etc.

MOM said...

Maybe he wasn't so "clueless". The media, every now and then, makes a feeble attempt to show a "balanced picture". If one dollar of my taxes goes to pay for the bailout of our current media, I will go "bananas".

MOM said...

I just don't get it. It's semantics, I suppose, but when all of those babies lost their lives because of phosphorus bombs, lobbied by a country empowered by us, how can we claim to be righteous? We cannot and we are going to pay for our support for that Satanic state. Let's get the hell out of supporting Israel. We didn't make the Balfour Declaration. England did. Why in the hell did we adopt England's stance in this stupid thing? We have never been well-served by England. We lost hundreds of thousands in WWII because of them. We lost hundreds of thousands in WWI. If we had never entered any war for England, we would have been better off. Germany was never a threat to the U.S. in either war. We have for too long.

MOM said...

I didn't finish my sentence on my last comment:

"We have for too long been a puppet of, first, England, and now Israel." We killed our sons for both of these countries, for England in two World Wars, and for Israel--Iraq. We sacrificed our children who died in 9-11 for Israel, and maybe, soon to come, more of our sons will die in a crusade against Israel's enemy, Iran.

Have we become the beacon of the God of War in the world. Will we adopt any reason to go to war? For Israel? For our arms manufacturers? For whom?