Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Great Point !

Jeff Halper and Neve Gordon bring up an excellent point that has been lost amid the chaos of the Gaza attack.


Emptyman said...

I read the post. It was interesting. Also unanswered: where is the academic outrage over Hamas using universities as ammo dumps and firebases in attacks on Israelis?

scottie said...

I agree that Hamas should not do these things, and there should be a moral outrage. But let's look at the recent Israeli bombing of a UN run school which killed
> 30 civilians and a UN official said that no Hamas militant was on the grounds and the Israeli claim that Hamas was present was false. Do the Palestinians have to suffer these crazy numbers of deaths for one to believe that the Israelis' claims do not always match the factual record?

MOM said...


I think the solution should be:

If Israel bombs public facilities of Palestinians in Gaza, such as this university, we should withhold 100 times the cost from our aid to Israel pay the U.N. to rebuild the facilities and infrastructure for the Palestinians; (As Israel seems to want to extract 100 innocent Palestinian children to pay for every one Israeli killed--100 times seems a good figure to me.) We should also pay the families of every Palestinian killed by the Israelis as the Israelis are using our military hardware to kill them. That, too, should be withheld 100-fold from the Israelis. Or just simply, we could cut off all aid forever to Israel!

dr said...

This post is ridiculous & irrelevant. No offence Scottie (I am a regular reader of your esteemed blog & admire ur support of truth & justice),but who cares that there wasnt any moral outrage expressed by the 'pseudo' academia when Israel bombed the University in Gaza. There has been no outrage in the west for the past 60 years as Israel has wantonly driven the Palestinians from their land & butchered them. In fact the west is complicit in the injustices that have been perpetrated on the Palestinians. The bombing of the University is but a small part of the overall agenda of the Judeo-Zionists to eliminate the Palestinian culture & indeed their very existence from the face of the earth in their diabolical quest for a greater Israel. The very fact that the world has always watched passively as the West has assisted the Zionists from the very inception of the criminal state of Israel to this day in its oppression of Palestinisns should make the discussion about public outcry over bombing of the University a moot point.

And I would like to respond to Emptyman who considers it outrageous that Hamas allegedly "uses Universities as ammo dumps & firebases". Why does everyone seem to forget that Hamas is not a professional army with barracks, weapons depots & airplane hangars etc at their disposal. They are ordinary Palestinians that have decided to resist Israeli occupation via armed struggle, & therefore they use whatever limited means they have at their disposal in the crowded concentration camp that is Gaza. That means using government buildings as arms depots. I find it hilarious when the Zionist propagandists assert that Hamas uses Palestinian civilians as Human shields. Like I said they are ordinary Palestinians who have chosen to join an armed freedom struggle (hence nothing more than armed civilians, not a professional army); & like ordinary Palestinians they continue to live with their families & operate in close proximity to 'civilian' areas-after all there isnt much real estate available in the tiny strip of land in Gaza.

So let us be practical when analyzing the Palestinian problem. Truth & Justice are the only things that can guide us to a peaceful settlement of the problem.

MOM said...


I would like to address Dr. Hi, Dr.!
I am not Muslim. I am American and I am so saddened at our stance against the plight of our brothers and sisters in Gaza. The only way that one can support Israel now is if one is a racist. The only way that one can support Israel now is if one believes that Palestinians are sub-human. The sub-human rationale doesn't even make sense to me because even if I had millions of helpless cats trapped in a pen, I could never destroy them! It is unthinkable that one could attack a population in a bubble, with no means of escape, but it seems that this is what Israel is doing. They really over-stepped the boundaries and I know that they will reap what they have sown. Kill with the sword, die by the sword.

It's just so sad. They could have established Israel on a humanitarian principle, but they based it on the principles of war. It's doomed. So sad, too.