Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Geithner Confirmed ?!

How can someone who does not pay their taxes be appointed to Secretary of the Treasury? This is just a reminder of how far principles have slipped since the early 1900's. A crook is given latitude because our economy is in trouble, and yet he subscribes to the same money mechanics fraud that caused the problem in the first place, but we will overlook his transgressions as a citizen so that he can guide us through a difficult and turbulent time economically pushing the same policy that failed us all along ! Wow, makes perfect sense now.


wdporter said...

OK...I love it when you post on domestic issues because it gives us an opportunity to agree.


Why in God's name is it all of a sudden Kosher to push incompetent people forward to important posts.

The logic I've seen lately from the "press"? :

We're in such a tough spot right now that we'll overlook minor transgressions to let someone who is obviously such a GENIUS have the spot.

So at exactly the time when we should be MORE careful about who we let into that spot, we are decidedly LESS careful.

Andrew Mellon is rolling around in his grave.

scottie said...

I agree with you except for your use of the word "minor"

Other people have gone to jail for the same offense, so I would re-label that as a major infraction of the law, and individuals know if they are cheating the system, so I would have a hard time simply overlooking it as if someone forgot to check the mail out of forgetfulness.

So is Milton Friedman, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abe Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Aldrich is laughing at us.

MOM said...


A man who avoided quite a lot of taxes will now head the Department of the Treasury, of which the IRS falls under, in charge of collecting and taxes from us poor smucks who didn't have the sense not to pay, too.

Mr. Geithner, when I withhold the portion of my taxes which are being sent to Israel, will I be able to apologize years later and be rewarded, as you have?

JohnnyB said...

Voodoo economics. If we keep the right witch doctor at the controls, the rubes won't get scared and pull their money out of their 401k's.

Because there are no middle of the road government bureaucrats with the credentials of Geithner. Please.

MOM said...

I think we have a golden opportunity here, Americans! Do not pay your taxes! How can we have someone who didn't pay his taxes as head of the IRS who would not be sympathetic with our plight if we did not pay our taxes? Hail and farewell.

MOM said...

I just cannot get over how Obama could have caved in to the lobbies. Geithner! Another sad episode in our history.