Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A 2nd day of Israeli Attacks

The death toll climbed to 271 from yesterdays attacks with more than 700 wounded, and the Israelis are again using disproportionate force to deal with home-made rockets. No one ever checks the Israelis, neither the UN nor the Arab neighbors nor the US (please) nor the EU nor the sensible Israeli citizens who understand that acts like this only pour gasoline on the fire for future generations of Palestinians who will outnumber the Israelis in 20 years or so. Maybe it is genocide that the Israelis want after all.


Briel Computer & Network said...

You're pretty cavalier about the daily rocket fire. It doesn't matter that the rockets are homemade. And it doesn't matter how few people are killed over time. How would you like to live in an area where daily rockets were whizzing overhead, over your home, over your kids. I agree with you that Israel does treat Palestinians like dirt, wish to keep them down, etc., but Palestinians are often act as their own worst enemy.

scottie said...

Not cavalier, not at all. My critique is directed at the disproportionate nature of the response. If this were the only time Israel has responded disproportionately then I would be reticent to criticize so harshly. But take Lebanon in 2006 ; 2 IDF soldiers captured and the Israelis killed some 1500 Lebanese civilians, destroyed 16,000 buildings and destroyed the UN compound at Qana (2nd tme) and set over 1 million cluster bombs in the south of Lebanon which are still killing Lebanese civilians. Moreover, Israel set the country back years.

Of course the Israelis should defend their borders, but their borders continually expand to expropriate more and more land from the Palestinians and/or treat them like imprisoned sub-humans(GAZA). But one must draw the line between targeting the militants responsible for the Qassam attacks and the entire population of Gaza, which is what the Israelis are doing. And someone of your intellect is surely aware that such collective punishment is a violation of international law.