Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Truth, Illusions and Propaganda

Nice article. A recommended read.


JohnnyB said...

This was good. Over at the Logipundit, Mike Huckabee interviews Richard Dreyfuss. Don't laugh, Dreyfuss studied history at Oxford. Long story short, the same problems of literacy are evident in citizenship.

I was thinking about this issue, how friends and family don't know how interest is killing their income, and we have to explain how it works to grown-ups with jobs. I have a nephew who is 10, and we already know he's not going to college. We'll have to teach him how to avoid getting screwed since he'll be a manual laborer who hates math.

scottie said...

Well until we scrap the Federal Reserve and abolish the income tax we will be screwed forever. Inflation = higher prices = stolen savings = banker profit and when banks fail (which is really hard to fathom given their nefarious schemes) taxpayers get another albatross added to the their already heavy necklace !

and pelosi wants to bail out GM now

im looking for a half-acre in canada in the remote wilderness where i can build a cabin and make deer jerky and not have an internet connection and not have to deal with humanity any longer, or the lack of it

hows that sound for a plan?

MOM said...

Canada? Find a warmer place where you won't freeze and you can eat mangoes. Costa Rica isn't bad! You must learn Spanish, though, but since you know French, Spanish is easier.