Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Wins, So He Is Under the Microscope

I had a discussion today with 2 students on our political system, and I was very clear that I neither endorsed McCain nor Obama, and I drew attention to both of these candidates many shortcomings.

Now that Obama has won here is a list of grievances I have against Obama, and I guess time will be the best judge :

1. You don't say that no group has suffered more than the Palestinians, which is certainly arguable but at least morally-driven, and then deliver a reconciliation speech to AIPAC, a group that has pushed our foreign policy in a pro-Israel direction since its inception and has been complicit in espionage activities against the US as recent as 2005 ! If you believe that the Palestinians have suffered then you should be willing to accept all the political fallout from taking such a principled stance, even if it is not popular. But Obama caved and did not stick to his convictions, which I say is evidence of a serious character flaw and is manipulative and dishonest.

2. You don't refuse to salute the flag. I do not care what grievances you have with the policy of the US Gov, as an American I say love your country and scrutinize the actions of your government, which has been out of control for some time. Teddy Roosevelt defined patriotism as loving the country and not standing by any elected official. I doubt there is a single human in a 1000 mile radius that has as many issues as I do with my government, but the American people have not mandated certain actions and the American people feel very disenfranchised with the whole system, and when the government makes an error in judgment, even if the people know it was wrong to begin with, hold the government accountable, criticize those individuals responsible for flawed policy. But one must separate warranted criticism and buffoonery, and refusing to salute your flag because you disagree with certain policies is offensive.

3. Do not recruit lobbyists to push your positions then claim to be impervious to special interest influence. I mean really .... 30 lobbyists working on the Obama campaign. I will be very interested to see what positions these special-interest whores occupy in an Obama presidency.

4. Do not take $690,000 from Goldman Sachs then push the bailout plan which aided Goldman-Sachs (see my post from earlier today !) and proclaim that bailing out the banks was an American duty ! Please !
How transparent is this agenda? Your image in not squeaky-clean when this type of information is public knowledge.

5. Having so many questionable ties at some point forces one to either pick new friends or explain their past selection , from ACORN to the Rev Wright. Now I do not believe that a member of a church agrees with all the political philosophies of its minister, but if you found their views to be so repugnant, then should you not have addressed these issues?

6. Obama knows nothing about monetary policy, what caused the collapse of the credit-system, nor how to fix it. In fact, because of his special interest bank contributions, I conclude that he is ill-positioned to ever even attempt to correct the problem. This issue is quite pressing at the moment.

7. Giving nice speeches is a plus for being elected, but beyond the eloquence there needs to be substance. I would admonish Obama to not necessarily follow the entrenched foreign policy objectives of Biden, who is a machine vice-president, who adheres to a failed foreign policy. At what point does the Constitution resurface? At what point do our elected charlatans pay heed to our founders' prophetic warnings?

8. There is no Constitutional mandate whatsoever to tax Joe Q Public against his will to fund a national healthcare system he probably does not want. The insurance companies and the US government only obstruct markets' abilities to set prices and regulate quality, and these 2 groups have failed miserably. So get them out of the way, and let people decide healthcare plans without interference from government.

9. Obama says he wants to have selected strikes against Pakistan border regions to target Taliban and al-qaeda elements. While I agree with the idea of mark and reprisal, I think that this policy is quite foolish in the case of Pakistan One should not alienate a nuclear-power pseudo-ally by putting its government in the unenviable position of having to pick between its electorate and an over-arching superpower with bullying tendencies.
Get them on board and have them help you with this endeavor. In the meantime, swatting the mosquitoes is certainly one method for addressing the problem of terrorism, but to quote a wiser man than myself, perhaps the swamp should be drained simultaneously. Mosquitoes will always be a problem until the swamp is drained. An until Americans understand the root causes of terrorism directed against the US, there is no real chance of solving the issue for the long term. Lipstick on a pig ...

10. You ran on a platform of giving tax cuts to 95% of Americans. This better not be some quibble or semantic statement on what constitutes a "tax cut". Follow through with your rhetoric or you will be just like all the other US politicians who say one thing to get elected then follow another course of action completely after winning the election. If you ran on a platform of reduced taxes, then if you decide to back legislation that raises taxes, then you have 0 credibility, and should not be trusted on a single solitary issue after that occurrence.

So the question is, what are you going to do?


MOM said...

I think that Obama can do great things. If he does, as Kennedy did, dump the powers that be to forward his agenda, then maybe "they" will assassinate him, too. I'm hoping that he will, at least, try to save us from "them".

MOM said...

It looks as if Obama won't dump the "powers that be". I guess our only real president in my life-time remains JFK.

scottie said...

Reagan was ok. He did some good things and I think he was well-intentioned.