Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Inhofe Doesn't Trust Paulson ; Neither Do I

If I were to judge this Inhofe character based on his comments in this article about Paulson and the shroud of secrecy the disbursements of OUR tax dollars, I would have to conclude that he cares about this country and his constituents.


Jason said...

What do we really expect? Congress gave Paulson authority the authority to do as he decides is important. Congress has failed us again just like they did during the run up to war. As usual they are PASSING THE BUCK.


scottie said...

I agree 100%

We need the consider the notion of Congress as a middle-entity between the governed and the government. If our interests and concerns are not being represented, for example with the bailout when 90-99% of Americans were opposed to the bailout and it passes anyway, then perhaps this idea of Congress is outdated.

I am in favor of a referendum on most crucial issues , but only if the voters can pass a basic proficiency or knowledge test. There would need to be some details worked out of course, but think of the ramifications : no corrupt two-party system, so herding Americans into one of 2 corrals, no shutting out 3rd party candidates (no parties needed at all actually) , no cyclical partisan platforms being pushed , no special interest domination of our Congress, no lobbyists, etc. It would be better than what we have currently but I think this immense power would be dangerous in the hands of a woefully-uninformed general public.

It's something to consider.

Thanks for the comments Jason. I'll throw up a link to your site if you do the same.

Please continue to visit.



scottie said...

should read "No herding of Americans ..."

i cannot type !