Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rense's Fantastic Claim

I strongly hesitate to link this "article" from Rense because it contains a claim and nothing more. The "Voice of the White House" says authoritatively that Lehman execs transferred $400 billion to Israeli banks before the bankruptcy filing. If this were true, then this would be a shocking story with severe consequences, but there is not a single shred of evidence in Rense's piece, only a claim made by an anonymous source. So at this point, until real evidence is obtained, this claim is highly questionable.


MOM said...

As "Rense" quoted Bloomberg (Sandler), a reputed giant in financial reporting, I probably don't doubt the accuracy.

Maybe there has to be an "Armageddon" for the rest of the world to recuperate its losses stored in that area of the world...just quoting Biblical prophecy.

scottie said...

Bloomberg reported the article below this post, but Rense never showed a credible source or the evidence underlying the claim, which is their responsibility.

Bloomberg never reported that Lehman Bros transferred the money to Israeli banks, so that information should be made available, if it exists.

If true then I will be mad as hell. Until then, I fell nothing and must be critical of shoddy journalistic ploys.

MOM said...

Linda Sadler works for Bloomberg. She was the one I was quoting. I think someone is dropping the ball because no matter where the money ends up, where it was sent from it more important. We could investigate that. If it was sent illegally to Israel, it doesn't matter that it is there now. It only matters that it was sent from a point in the U.S. I really would like to be the F.B.I. now....instead of conceding our assets, they should be investigating where they went. Why aren't they? Maybe they have no financial analysts or no MBA auditors...Help us God if they don't.

MOM said...

The FBI is now investigating Lehman Brothers.

MOM said...

The only other thing that I have to say is that if the CEO's are not held accountable for their divided loyalties (the case of the CEO of AIG and Lehman Bros?), we need the the organization that was established to preserve our national interests (the FBI on American soil) to look after our interests. If they are not doing this, why are they not doing this?