Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Republicans Stand Up !

I hope that the Republicans who have dared to stand up, like Shelby in Alabama, stick to their convictions and don't fall victim to Democratic pressure to ram through this nail-in-the-coffin bailout legislation.

If the banks fail because of their questionable practices, then so be it. It is not the role of the taxpayer to save bad businesses. The market should select against these predators, which it is trying to do, against the wishes of the corporatist vultures. And the FED (which is the source of the problem and not the savior of it) might just roll out the presses and introduce another almost $1 trillion if we don't want to burden the taxpayer or borrow more from China, and imagine the effect on purchasing power of the already-weak dollar if Paulson and Bernanke can counterfeit their way out of the mess that Nixon and Greenspan and the former FED chiefs created with their shortsighted policies.

Don't cave in Republicans !

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