Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An Israeli and a Palestinian Debate the Gaza Seige

Watch the video by clicking on the above link.

Gissin is a typical Israeli politician ; arrogant, dismissive, undeterred, and a liar.

And he has no reasonable response to the comments by the Palestinian woman, who was articulate and succinct.


wdporter said...

she never answers the questions about Hamas, though. Is it not relevant that Hamas has been every bit as or even more brutal than Israel in Gaza?

She excuses Hamas by saying that the Palestinians chose them (where have I heard that before?).

The Dr. actually tries to acknowledge Israeli human rights abuses (before he's cut off), but Huwaida completely dismisses Hamas as a factor.

wdporter said...

And here's a similar line from Finkelstein himself regarding Hizbollah:

"I was of course happy to meet the Hizbullah people, because it is a point of view that is rarely heard in the United States. I have no problem saying that I do want to express solidarity with them, and I am not going to be a coward of a hypocrite about it. I don’t care about Hizbullah as a political organization. I don’t know much about their politics, and anyhow, it’s irrelevant. I don’t live in Lebanon. It’s a choice that the Lebanese have to make: Who they want to be their leaders, who they want to represent them. But there is a fundamental principle. People have the right to defend their country from foreign occupiers, and people have the right to defend their country from invaders who are destroying their country. That to me is a very basic, elementary and uncomplicated question."

He doesn't know much about their politics? Or he chooses to ignore their politics?

scottie said...

i disagree with you on the cause of the situation in the gaza. this is clearly israel's doing and not the elected government of the palestinians. israel destroyed the power plant in gaza, withheld critical fuel shipments, withheld tax revenues owed to the palestinians, each measure contributing to the downturn of the status of the gazans. and israel's seige has only strengthened hamas. hamas is providing some healthcare service, education services etc and when the gazans look and see how the overlord israel has isolated them so and they see hamas trying to make the situation better for its people, who will the gazans resent, hamas or israel?

i notice you didnt have any comment on israel's human rights record that she mentioned as well.

as far as hezbollah, finkelstein is referring to the genesis of hezbollah, not really its politics. israel invaded lebanon in 1982 and stayed there until 2000 against UN resolutions. 3 years after this invasion and illegal occupation, hezbollah formed to drive out the israelis since the UN was too spineless. people have a right to defend their home and country against foreign invaders. i doubt you will dispute that.

wdporter said...

Typically, withholding funds and resources from an area that is controlled by terrorist militants intent on your destruction is done with the knowledge that said resources will be controlled by aforementioned terrorist militants intent on your destruction and not make it to the people who are not to blame.

I'll grant that Israel's isolation has indeed negatively impacted the Gazans. And I will also grant that it is much easier for Hamas to claim how evil Israel is by pointing to it. However, it remains that the less resources Hamas has at its disposal, the safer Israel is in the short term.

I did indeed mention human rights abuses and that the Dr. himself acknowledged Israel's human rights abuses before he was cut off.

No. Finklestein has full knowledge of Hizbollah's genesis AND its politics. He, now that he's unemployed from Academia, can really only eke out a living by running around he world spouting this sort of non-sense to Anti-American and Anti-Israel groups.

Don't get me wrong; he has every right to do that, but saying he has no knowledge of Hizbollah politics is beyond disingenuous.

Have a great day!

wdporter said...

by the way...please post something on the current financial crisis. you and I need to spend some quality time agreeing with each other.


scottie said...

so it is nonsense to say that people have a right to defend their homes and land against foreign occupiers?

wdporter said...

never said that.

Who said that? I'm not sure to what you are referring.

I said:

Hamas shares a large percentage of the responsibility for the plight of Gazans.


It is nonsense for Finklestein to state he knows nothing of Hizbollah politics.

You disagree with both of these statements?

scottie said...

i know you didn't say that butch, but you did not comment on the core of his comments and rather focused on a tangential comment he made.

i will never excuse hezbollah's tactics directed against civilians, just like i will never condone israel's brutal treatment of the palestinians whose lands they have confiscated over the last 41 years and whose people have lived under a very oppressive boot.

but the core comment finkelstein made is that a people have a right to self-defense and that was the genesis of the hezbollah, independent of what that group has morphed into.

and yet you did not address that central core point. that's all i was saying.

i always side with the oppressed versus the oppressor, like the US colonials against the british, like the irish against the british, like the scottish against the british, like the indians and the egyptians against the british, like the algerians against the french, like the east timorese against the indonesian, like the aborigines against the australians, like the native americans against a murderous US government, like the lebanese against the israelis, and like the palestinians against the israelis. i think that human beings all have inalienable rights granted from god, and no government should be allowed to take that away, whether it is my government or a foreign government acting against a defenseless population.