Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Blending Continues

The blending of the Democratic and Republican parties is continuing at the expense of this nation. Most Americans think there is a real choice between candidates McCain and Obama, but with Biden's VP nod, Obama picked a mate with a foreign policy that very closely resembles McCain's ! This is amazing. It is a political ploy to deflect criticism away from Obama's virgin status on foreign policy matters.

Biden supported the invasion of Iraq, which many people did at the time due to the steady indoctrination, lies, propaganda and BS Americans were told pre-war. But he has not deviated from his original convictions. He has not learned from the events since.

The linked article above illustrates the degree to which officeholders will stoop to gurantee electoral success. Biden says he is a devout Zionist. So is McCain. So will McCain's running mate be. Obama said the Palestinians have suffered, then he delivered a shameless renunciation at his first AIPAC speech. Foreign policy debates are over. It is business as usual. Whoever wins, the failed policies of the Bush administration will continue. And whether Biden is the VP or someone else, it is clear to me that there is little choice in our upcoming big election. Corporations win, special interest groups win, Israel wins, and the American people lose (as well as Iraqis, Iranians, Central and South Americans, Ossetians, etc etc etc)

Model democracy my ass.


Ms. Missive said...

uhhh... I'm confused. Exactly what side do you stand on? Pro-Palestinian? You've gotta be shitting me....

scottie said...

thank you for a truly intellectual statement
if you think you can drag me into an ad hominem exchange you are quite wrong.

but to put you in your small place very quickly, let's look at an historic vote.
in 1988 at the UN on the question of palestine :

the GA was presented a resolution that called for a just settlement in line with UN 242, the typical framework.

136 countries cast their vote via their ambassadors :

134-2 was the final vote

the whole world agreed on the need to solve the conflict through UN 242 and the US and Israel were the 2 opposing such a resolution.

so it seems you are a zionist. you got to be shitting me ...