Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birth of Propaganda

This video shows how easily propaganda for a certain agenda is created.

Watch the clip and try to rectify Ahmadinejad's comments to those comments attributed to him. Mike Wallace's team clearly edited out the entire passage because his comments were reasonable.

Ahmadinejad never said Iran wishes to wipe Israel off the map, never said the Holocaust is a myth. These words are planted by Zionists to achieve a desired end.

Mike Wallace, are you a disinterested dispassionate journalist, or does your religious/ethnic background bias you on this issue? This question might appear harsh, but I think it should be asked when we see how Wallace gets to play the moral hero by censoring his interviewee and terribly distorting his comments. From this nascent point, the distortion and propaganda has snowballed to such a degree a war might result.

All for what? So Mike Wallace can win an award and Israel gets what it wants?


MOM said...


Nobody seems to give a flying SH_T about the truth. If Americans are so bent on making profits from wars, even the one to come against Iran, then we need to go down the same path other empires have gone. Sorry, sorry state of affairs...

It's a dirty rotten shame that we tie our destiny to a worthless little country, located in a desert, with a paltry 5 million people and nothing to count for itself except the title of "friend". They make money from us with their war against the natives. Without their perpetual state of war, the country and its real estate are worthless. Peace is too cheap for them. Yuk and Yikes! I suppose we are willing to give up 193 friends (195 countries, minus Israel and us = 193) in the rest of the world to support this one little "friend" who has attacked us (U.S.S. Liberty) and caused us to go to war with Libya with their fake transponders. I cannot believe that we are so S T U P I D! Wake up America! We are being used.

The only thing I have to say about "God's Chosen People" (not the remnant comprised of Peter and the other apostles and their converts, the true "chosen") is this: If God winks at them and condones their behavior, I choose hell, because inheriting a heaven based on these principles is not something I could accept.

MOM said...


Propaganda...blah blah blah. If these so called persons of the media can support the Israeli propaganda against all Arabs, I curse them all. We have all seen that our media is totally controlled by Zionists. That Mike Wallace would preserve his job to support these entities is not hard to believe. What's hard to believe is that there are no journalists who would speak up (at least one time before they are fired) on the national networks. No guts no glory!

scottie said...

things like this ought to make all people of conscience angry.

there was a time when honesty was a virtue where people would call out the deceptive elements in society, but now obama and mccain are in a puckerfest on who can kiss the israeli's lobby's ass the most frequently. sadly these are our choices for president, so it won't get any better until americans say enough is enough and do something about it.

MOM said...


I'm angry. It seems that I have been angry against the system my entire life. I tried finding explanations for our path to destruction, but none totally explained how we have continued to go awry. I read all of Taylor Caldwell's books; she postulated years ago that we would have perpetual war. It was hard for our administrators to come up with something after the "Cold War", but they surely did with their threat of terrorism. Is it an accident that the same administrators continue to manipulate the world scene by prodding real terrorists into action or by manufacturing alleged terrorists?

In 1971, two people wrote a book, "None Dare Call It a Conspiracy", Gary Allen and Larry Abraham. Their predictions seem to have been prophetic. Their book was originally endorsed by very important people who knew what was happening in our country. It seems that there are fewer now than before who realize what is happening, or maybe there are more who realize what is happening and choose to ignore it.

I don't think anyone will be able to ignore much in the future once our economy has collapsed and we are relegated to the pages of history. Maybe being relegated to the pages of history is a good thing. I, for one, don't want us to be the policemen of the world. I spoke against it (being the world's policeman) when Mitterrand prodded us into becoming involved in Bosnia. Bosnia was a European problem, certainly not our problem. President Clinton promised that we would only commit 25,000 troops and he promised that we would depart there in two years. Didn't happen.

Halliburton made loads rebuilding that country, too.

Why isn't an honest reporter reporting on which world leaders made profits from Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq? None have reported anything. Why is that? That would be REAL news.