Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anti-Semitism ; the New Standards Revealed

Stern's arguments for what constitutes anti-semitism are very questionable, pathetic, and brazenly transparent.

Referring to the Apartheid wall or the Apartheid-like policies Israel subjects the Palestinians to is anti-semitism, according to Stern. Well Mr. Stern, if you don't like the comparisons which are drawn, tell your beloved Israel to stop behaving that way. Are people not supposed to take notice of obvious injustices? Are people not supposed to question Israel's reprehensible behavior over the last 41 years? Please Mr. Stern, get real. Ploys like this are incredibly transparent.

Here's a novel thought : Instead of contorting logic just to insulate Israel from warranted criticism, why not just work for justice, and then the criticism will dissipate?


Liberal White Boy said...

Why get sucked into arguments with Zionist fraudsters? Just tell it like it is.

scottie said...

I thought my rebuke was pretty clear, no candy-coating LWB.

I put articles like this on my site to expose shoddy arguments.

MOM said...


I agree with Liberal White Boy, don't "throw your pearls before swine."

scottie said...

well if i had gone to the publishers site of this article and replied , yes, i would be casting pearls before swine. but i posted an article to expose a pathetic argument, one that needs to be shot down if the same argument arises in a discussion on this issue in a different arena.