Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anti-Semitism ; the New Standards Revealed

Stern's arguments for what constitutes anti-semitism are very questionable, pathetic, and brazenly transparent.

Referring to the Apartheid wall or the Apartheid-like policies Israel subjects the Palestinians to is anti-semitism, according to Stern. Well Mr. Stern, if you don't like the comparisons which are drawn, tell your beloved Israel to stop behaving that way. Are people not supposed to take notice of obvious injustices? Are people not supposed to question Israel's reprehensible behavior over the last 41 years? Please Mr. Stern, get real. Ploys like this are incredibly transparent.

Here's a novel thought : Instead of contorting logic just to insulate Israel from warranted criticism, why not just work for justice, and then the criticism will dissipate?

Exposure is the Best Weapon for the Palestinians

This approach is the best approach that can be taken. Yes Israel is a brutal occupying force, yes Israel stands in violation of dozens of UN resolutions, yes Israel is clearly in the wrong for its indiscriminate killing of Palestinians, collective punishment, house demolitions, illegal settlements, etc etc etc.

But the Palestinians lose the moral high ground when legitimate resistance turns into ugly methods targeting Israeli civilians.

This article illustrates a new method of fighting the Israelis ; exposure.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Olmert Resigns

So Olmert announced his retirement today. What will it matter? Livni or Bibi will assume the reins and each is bad for separate reasons. So the outlook for the Middle East remains gloomy, due largely to the 2 greatest fascist states of the modern era.

Our Future Currency Issues

This story highlights the eventuality of a currency collapse Americans will one day suffer, When central banks create both inflation and then deflation, over time currency and prices and wages all are affected (negatively). Will the US ever see the degree that is experienced in Zimbabwe? Probably not, but the currency policies over here are barely noticable in the short-term which makes them easy to overlook. But in the long-term the US is headed in this direction when a private cartel of banks run the currency policy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birth of Propaganda

This video shows how easily propaganda for a certain agenda is created.

Watch the clip and try to rectify Ahmadinejad's comments to those comments attributed to him. Mike Wallace's team clearly edited out the entire passage because his comments were reasonable.

Ahmadinejad never said Iran wishes to wipe Israel off the map, never said the Holocaust is a myth. These words are planted by Zionists to achieve a desired end.

Mike Wallace, are you a disinterested dispassionate journalist, or does your religious/ethnic background bias you on this issue? This question might appear harsh, but I think it should be asked when we see how Wallace gets to play the moral hero by censoring his interviewee and terribly distorting his comments. From this nascent point, the distortion and propaganda has snowballed to such a degree a war might result.

All for what? So Mike Wallace can win an award and Israel gets what it wants?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Greedy Murdering Septegenarians !

This case is disgusting from top to bottom. Murder, fraud, avarice, and from 2 people who lived long lives and should know the difference between right and wrong. What were they going to do with their millions? Take it with them. They were 75 and 77 !

Monday, July 14, 2008

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

7000 articles on this topic this morning at GoogleNews and barely a whisper on why the Fed should bail out 2 private corporations.

Unless I misread the Constitution, I am pretty sure that there is NO provision that says tax dollars taken from private citizens ought to be used for bailing out 2 private corporations with questionable lending practices. Schumer's comment in the link tells you all you need to know. These 2 companies had a liquidity crisis because of their lending practices. In plain English, they misused depositor's money and when the deposited funds were called for, none was there.

Companies like this ought to go out of business, and tax dollars should not be the province of the Fed to further misuse. And by the way, the Federal Reserve System is itself unconstitutional.

But tomorrow a different headline will steal American attention, and this issue will be forgotten.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Single Digits !

Congressional Approval is at 9%, an all-time low and indicative of how sickened Americans have become with our dysfunctional corrupt duopoly.

National Referendum sounding good?

I think so. Perhaps the revolutionary idea is that Americans in 2008 don't need these scoundrels to speak on our behalf. But are we ready to replace Congress with "we the people" ? I am, but Americans need to ponder the existential question ; do we exist to provide our so-called leaders with positions, or do those positions exist so that democracy can function freely and shouldn't the leaders simply be a mouthpiece for the masses?

9% of Americans approve of this crappy system, so maybe Americans are wising up.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fallout of Atrocious Monetary Policy

Eventually there will be a reaction economically to 100 years of unsound monetary policy. Unlucky for us here in the US now (and the world at large) the coming depression can be attributed directly to the Federal Reserve System and its numerous controls (which do not work and only delay the inevitable booms and busts and robs wealth from individuals) and outrageous inflation-creation schemes.

Swell article that I would classify as a must-read.